Side hopping

I’ve been trying to master the side hop with a 24" wheel but I always end up leaning to the left when landing. I cant seem to get the weight distribution even betweeen my left and right peddle. Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct what I’m doing wrong?

sounds like you trying to gap and not hop. i dont know. try working on hoping in one place gest dont bounce like a pogo stick

Learn to ride seat out, and seat out hopping, then seat drags. This should help with the distribution of weight on the pedals.

don’t hop perfectly sideways, hop a little bit turned towards the object…like put your wheel at about a 45 degree angle to the object you’re hopping to. should make landing easier. and make sure to only use one hand on the handle, use the other hand for balance and to throw your weight towards it and stuff.
hope that helps…