side hopping tutorial

i was wondering if anyone had a good side hopping tutorial movie that they could post here so I could use it.


The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section has some advice on side hopping, and a short video of me doing it, but not really a video tutorial. Or are you thinking of the trials skill?

the trials skill. see I beleive side hopping is a trials skill and what you were doin was a one side one foot watchamacallit sidehop

There’s some advice on that involves hopping. What exactly do you need help with?

um technique and i wil learn quicker with a video tutorial

bassicaly i want to learn how do go higher

Oh, I just remembered a tutorial video Ryan Atkins HIMSELF made on seat out hopping, do a search for it.

I think i found it but it didnt work for me
and voila

Go to and look at the trials skills. There are some videos there from a Kris Holm workshop that cover a little bit about jumping and hops.

thank you all for your input

you should put that in the tutorial section of this forum it is really good

since it’s not actually an article, I’m thinking a link to it on would be better.

we could put it in both that way we get best of both worlds