Side hop records?

What are your side hop distance records? It was raining today, so I decided to go in my garage to practice sidehopping. My previous record was about 47". Today, I beat my record greatly. I got 57" my third try!

I assume you’re talking about flat (no elevation loss / gain) If this is the case, the biggest i’ve mesured me doing is about 6ft 2 inches. so, that would be 74 inches, i guess but that was awhile ago. I’m sure i’d be able to go bigger now though.



As far as I know, it is completely level. I just now got 58".

m_extreme_uni: How long have you been riding? How long have you been riding trials?

mine is about 10". im kind of new but i cant bunny hop very well… i can go pretty high but not far. it sucks :frowning:

My PB is 1.50m which is just over 59". I really enjoy doing sidehops. John, congratulations on your improvements…it’s really satisfying isn’t it?



Last night, I got 60"! I think I can go farther because I broke my record 4 times last night. After that, I could get 60" without using all of my effort.
I’ve been riding almost a year, and have focused on trials mainly for 5 or 6 months. It is very satisfying.


Very impressive. Ryans 6’2" is crazy.

When ur going it the ‘official’ way… is that from a still stand, or can you build up momentum with some side hops first.

Does anyone know the record off hand? I know i could look it up, and that KH holds it.


I’ve been riding about a year and a half, and doing trials/MUni for most of the time.


Nice work John! Have you got any photos or even better videos? I’m starting to build up a collection of long and high jump media to help with the training I’m about to start. I’ve converted to the rolling hop for long jump, but obviously the sidehop is really hjandy in trials situations. Does your tyre fold over much when you land? I was really shocked to find out that I was actually running a much too low pressure. The rim was almost directly hitting the ground! I found an old bunch of photos to show what I’m talking about.


training - analysis photo 1.jpg

Dang! thats…uh…realy low tire pressure, hah.

For the official long jump you can either do side hop or rolling hop. So I dont know if a record has been set with a side hop, mabye, dunno, it would be nice to find out.

My personal best was also in a half flat tired unicycle… it was about 4 and half feet, which is 54 inches. I didn’t know I was that good.

Re: Side hop records?

Jacinto holds the distance record with a rolling hop. It’s like 7 foot 6 I


At Kris Holm’s site I saw a picture which was labelled side hop. I guess that is an official one, except it seems they measure height and not distance. I suck at both, my hop height would be 30-40cm maybe and not much further for sideways distance. This Photo was labelled Sidehop 82cm, hopefully Kris won’t mind me posting it. It seems like they measure sidehop like a regular high jump competition where you jump over a bar.

pictures and video

andrew_carter: I will try to get a short clip of my hopping tonight, but the gallery is down, isnt it? I will try to upload it to an FTP or something. I’ll get back to you when I get it up.

I heard it’s 2.45m which is just over 8’. Can anyone verify that?

That’s really interesting that you can jump about the same distance to te side as you can high. I find high jump (as do a lot of other people) a lot harder. A 30-40cm high jump is pretty impressive. How long have you been riding?



I have been riding since 1996, so thats about 7 years. Mostly I just hop up gutters but lately I have jumped some bigger things. 30cm is probably what I can do, but maybe a 40cm obstacle since you can grip on once you get high enough. I haven’t really put it to the test. I could probably do better if I cut off more seatpost. I quite like riding with the seat reasonably high so I am not comfortable lowering the seat too much. I am not an expert at pre-hops. I spend more time complaining about how bad my technique is than I do practising. As for side hops, I have never practised, apart from yesterday when I did a couple of small ones. I am sure I could exceed 40cm sideways if I tried harder. It seems quite a lot shy of 8’. I have never thought I needed to jump sideways, especially not on my old rim. I have seen that sidehops can be useful though so I should put some effort into learning.

Re: Side hop records?

>I heard it’s 2.45m which is just over 8’. Can anyone verify that?

Yeah, sorry, that sounds right… I can’t verify it though…