Side-effects to unicycling??

Are there any long term side effects with unicycling
mainly focusssing on the area of inefficient gonads?
i am not personally concerned, or anxious about anything, it just seems interestingly absurd and funny
just curious
and have can any of u actually boast, after bashing ur 'nads for the umpteenth time, that you have NEVER wondered if you could be doing some serious damage for the future??:stuck_out_tongue:

When im writhing on the floor in agony, after crushing my nuts, I don’t usually worry about anything else!

Rock on!

heh yea its impossible to think of anything else in this situation

The long-term side effects of unicycling include great friends, better fitness, and an active mind. When practiced for extended periods of time, it may result in unusual experiences and a generalized feeling of fulfillment.

well this isnt involved with the whole “groin” thing, but unicyclist’s actually usally have really good reflexes.

About a month ago I cut the back of my right leg very painfully on a pinned pedal, during a freak Coker fall. Part of the freak fall involved ahem bouncing on the saddle violently a couple of times.

Trouble with the Australian Boys. It hurt so much Down Under that I didn’t even notice the cuts to my leg until I’d walked home and sat down for a bit.

Therefore: maybe it gives you superhuman pain endurance? Or more likely, it just distracts you for a short while with something that hurts more. I certainly seek to avoid that kind of experience :wink:

If your gonads are on the side, you’ve got other problems. :smiley:

As far as I know we’re still waiting for a verified case of permanent gonad damage and death by unicycle.

Long term side effects of unicycling may include:

-Chick Magnetism
-Extreme Chick Magnetism
-Mad Steeze.

Check with your doctor if you have any liver conditions, heart problems, or ego inflammation before you begin unicycling.

Mad Steeze???!!!


one side effect, if not learned before becoming a unicyclist, is wanting to juggle.

I’ve never heard any reports of impotence (other than briefly) or infertility associated with unicycling.

And I’ll add very little associated with bicycling; the guys most affected are hardcore roadies who spend many hours a day in the saddle. Even unicyclists that ride tons of hours spend less time sitting down unless they are long distance roadies themselves.

Hey… a unicyclist from Perth - omfd!

Usually impotence is caused by a lack of blood flow for extended amounts of time. Unless your a distance rider with a really bad saddle you should not have a problem.
Free style on the other hand if you drop from a few feet and land weird it might be such a probability that you could happen to rip your nutsack off/open when landing on the seat hard.
-hab fun :wink:

you will find everything to be boring and always hunger to ride

ugly shins


Lot’s of grazed knees if you don’t wear the right gear.

Sore back if you don’t land drops right. My back has been extremely sore for 2 weeks or so and I think it was a pretty big drop that I didn’t land properly.


EDIT: also, snapped wrists if cokering without care. AND very very very sore ankles with slippery pedals.

A sore “gooch” can happen from riding or bailing a grind :smiley:

That sucks man! Kinda funny at first because it was so retarded, than I thought about the pain involved. How long did it take you to heal from that one?