Sickest night sess ever video soon!


Check it, while i’m chilling in rad indiana we are going to make a sick night sess video tonight. Should be rad, we’ll post it in a few hours probably.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Warning, be open minded.

uni video?

nope… just dancing

SICK!!! not sleeping till i see it…

ill be waitin.

better be naked girls…

I cant wait…it better be worth over sleeping work tommrow.

you know you dont really want to go to work tomorrow.

besides, you can blame it on shaun. jk

I love my job…I get to tinker and work with bikes and Unis all day. I wouldnt trade this job for anything.

you work in a bike shop? lucky!
i assumed you had a boring cubicle type job.

Ha!!Me in a cubicle…Wow. Id probly rather drink some gas and then go light up a smoke. Id die in a cubicle. I dont like to “slump” around for that long.

im still waiting. wheres my lol video shaun?

i wanna see a video!!

As do I.

the people wanna see a vid mofo!

Wow. Do people really talk like this? No wonder I’m rubbish at street… :smiley:


is the video ever gonna come? ive been waiting like 5 hours! (well not really) but still!

Unfortunately people do, it’s the ‘cool’ way to talk.

Ya’ll know what I’m saying dawg? =\


Funny thing is Brian doesnt have to try to talk like that…He just does it naturally. Brians down with todays youth, thats why hes cool.