SICK techno video!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: quick uni vid just goofin around, hella tight techno.

check it, “TECHNO VIDEO”


Haha, in the beginning I was starting to wonder if this was a uni vid or if it was just you dancing around…it was really funny though. How long was that crankflip gap?

umm around 4 feet, it was my first crankflip gap haha, annnnnnnnd i filmed this whole video in about 1/2 hour cause my tire went flat while doing those log trials lines, so i had a flat while doing those, yeeeeeeeeeaher.

feel the techno beats…


slick man! that was funny stuff!

Do you have many people to ride with, justin?

nice. lots of dancing and sitting around. not alot unicycling. what kind of camera do you have?

techno is good. that video just made it better.

that was sweet. the dance moves could use improvement, but the riding was top notch.

ehh wtf ? no moon walk ?


well if you read my post you would know why it was short, and i wanted to dance and sit around more then uni, so blow it out your ass foo. AH! i forgot about the moon walk.


Nice Video!
I use techno for my clips too, but I prefere dutch “hardstyle”.

great vid mate but im bitter that you did that jump where you go no footed i just learnt that n filmed it thought id be the first to do it damn now im gona look like copying yours ah well great vid ne ways nice to c a sense of humour in a video

A crankflip or a no footer? Lots of people can do no footers, less can do crankflips.

cher cher, nice clip. good to keep them short i recon. the dancing was better than mine… i like to see white guys strut their stuff…
we need to see some mean unicycling coming from guys of darker skin tho, and more girls vids too.




kudos on the dance moves, please can I recommend you checkout the “gunther - ding dong song” music video for help on perfecting your 1 foot knee wag spinaroonie? It could even make a good soundtrack for any follow up vids you decide to share with the world.


Yeahh its so funny :slight_smile:

maybe Justin could improve his dance style but he perform good enough to be on :wink:

Thanks Justin, keep on dancin

“i like to see white guys strut their stuff…”


thanks for the comments, i dont know why i did the no footer it was retarded, lol so u can have credit for it. I was just bored. thats all…