Sick, Lame and Lazy

while i was serving in the south african military, that was the ‘nickname’ for the walking wounded, those who couldn’t partake in training for the day
i’m about to join the unicycling sick, lame and lazy list
a doctor’s visit yesterday confirmed that the left iguinal hernia will have to be surgically repaired and that i’ve left it for so long, i’ll need six weeks of no major physical activity for recovery
no unicycling
no rock climbing
no yoga
no juggling
i dont know about the important stuff yet
but since i’ve been told i’m going to feel like i’ve been kicked in the underneaths by david beckham himself, i can’t imagine it’ll be for quite a while

i’m going in to have the op done on friday and will be off work the whole of the next week
giving u lot a 10 day long GILD-break as i dont have the internet at home
way overdue, i’m sure

i’m laying in a stock of sleight-of-hand magic tricks to practise while i’m out of circulation and i’m planning on doing some serious hand-strength training for rock climbing
my kasparov chess computer got some new batteries and i got me a couple of books to read for the week

i’m thankfull that it isn’t anything as traumatic as an accident and/or fracture keeping me off the uni
i dont think that’s gonna stop me from feeling sorry for myself tho
i’m good at that


Wow, Dave. Hope all goes well and looking forward to your return.


Re: Sick, Lame and Lazy

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 04:43:32 -0500, GILD
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>i dont know about the important stuff yet
You mean waffle tossing? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope all goes well with the surgery. Good luck!

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Hey, mabey you can build yourself a unicycle while your down. Think of it as a prize for recovering;)


All the best to you and your recovery.

Maybe it’s time for you to invent the hoversaddle for situations such as these.


Sorry to hear that news GILD. I pray your surgery goes perfect, and you heal extra-quick. --chirokid–

Well, you know how everyone here thrives on details. We are a sick bunch. You should set up some kind of email shuttle, don’t you think? Keep us up-to-date on your progress, don’t just hide away.

Best of luck with the recovery. Hope you can find something to do while recovering. Personally I suggest a good book and ElastoMania.


i think we’ll be running a serious TMI risk

besides, i’m a typical man when i’m under the weather and not the best company in the world
at least i’ve figured that much and make a point of staying out of people’s way

thanx for the kind wishes
it makes me smile a smile that feels good to smile


I wish they would put this fact into the owner’s manual for a man. I just want to crawl up in a ball until I get better.

Take care.

i think it was intended to be one of those features u dont know about upfront and get very exited about when u realise it’s there
like when u figure out for the first time that your video-machine can play NTSC tapes as well as PAL
or that the gearknob indicating 4 gears isn’t original and the car that u’ve been driving for three months actually has 5 gears

Get well Mate and have a Speedy recovery to good health.
You’re going to need it. And By the Way, Ditch the Manual Car and get an Automatic Car instead. Cheers Dave.