Sib, does it got a future in street riding?

I was just wondering cause I’ve been throwing it into some tricks latley like grinding land unispins sib and so on. I think that it does but I’d like to hear all you guys’ opinions.

what is sib?

Seat in back.:slight_smile:

hmmm, I think it does. When we get sick of seeing the same moves all the time someone will do something different and no doubt sib is a good idea. sib unispins and sib flips sound interesting.


I don’t really think SIB gots much future in street, although I have seen Alex Tomsey do a weird SIB inward unispin thing. Jeff did something like that too(edit: sorry if I wasn’t supposed to say that), and Spencer can do SIF to SIB body varials.

I can ride SIB down stairs. :slight_smile:

I know it seems boring but when I get a camra for my frontflips I’ll make videos to show how neet sib riding can be. I think theygo wasome in flip tricks but that’s just me:)

man, you really need to post some vids. I think it would be a nice variation but nothing more, its not very versatile, but prove me wrong, get a vid up when you can.