SI Rolling Hop tips, please

I do all my hops SI, and I seem to have reached a bit of a plateau where I can’t seem to get any higher then about 25". My form is a bit different then what I have normally scene. I ride toward the ledge fast, then turn sideways a bit so that I can hop on an angle more. Other people seem to ride straight at the ledge and push their wheel forward.

Here’s a video of me hopping about 25"

I have tried tweaking my form a bit, but have had little success. I’ve been stuck at this height for over a year.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I dont find it bad at all, just keep practicing. If anything, try to leave the ground more quickly.

Thanks, but what exactly do you mean by that?

I do slow down quite a bit right before I hop, do you mean that I should try keeping momentum from my run up more?

Yeah, keep the speed up, whisle your about to jump, dont slow down, make it all one fluid motion.

You want a really quick pause before take off to compress the tyre.For higher things youll probably land on the edge of the object so make sure you have enough speed.Also if you still cant get up you must swing your arm forward for extra momentum.Also tuck that seat into you and bend at the waist to angle the tyre up.Youll get there eventually it just requires practice

Also, for higher jumps, your gonna want to look like this:

Exept more exagerated.

Yeah. you have a lot more room to tuck. Carry a bit more speed and really just put a lot of Oomph! into your movement and keep up with the practice and youll get better.

Maybe you might have a mental block for rolling straight onto things. Not long ago I had a dumb mental block for rolling hops into things, but just kept pushing and im finally pass that little phase. Sure, you may get hurt a bit more here and there, but going straight on I think, in the long run will be better. So be able to do both styles and youll be set.

Also, do a search here. Me and a few others have made rolling hop tutorials. You might get some info form them.

Hey Matt,
I’m obviously no expert at rolling hops and you totally kill me at them no questions asked, but i hop up curbs side on like you when i rolling hop them as that way i feel i dont need to worry so much about timing to get the pedals in the sweet spot…
Is this why you tend to jump like that? Have you always done it and just got used to it like that?

I think I do it kinda like this because I used to always do my hops static, and I got used to the feeling of a SI side hop. So when I started practicing rolling hops it felt easier to keep the feeling of hopping slightly sideways. It had nothing to do with finding that sweet spot, though it does help with that a bit.

Thanks for the advice guys.

I used to do them the same way man. Its a lot harder to keep the momentum going and keep balance when I turned though, cause the upper half of my body was facing front wards as it came forward, and my legs were twisted. I would make sketchy hops all the time.

I reccomend changing styles. It really helped me. Just make sure you pedal faster, and you use the ledge to your advantage. When your tire hits the top of the object, lean as far forward as possible, and as you start to even out, keep your back straight so it doesn’t look sloppy :sunglasses:

That’s a good style.

Just keep practicing (Y)

I havnt actualy done a big rolling hop in a while but I always used to turn to the side like that. Seemed to work for me and I didnt feel that it was realy holding me back. I could easily get up a good sized 4 set. I could never get it if I rode straight at it though, I could never comit and always bottled it.

Then I turned to SIF and can hit 5 sets static. Hmmm I need to try a 6.

Thanks everyone. I hit 26" inches yesterday, on film finally.

Now my biggest problem is staying on the ledge. I could get onto the 26" inch ledge every time but it took at least 20 tries to actually stay on it instead of jumping off right away. It got really frustrating.

If youre going back down, you are not fast enough :wink:

bah haha
… nice

what i do (my hop is around 36-37", maybe more) is exactly what you do, but more exxagerated… and tuck more. i use the curve of my turn (wider and longer) to help compress the tire, and DO NOT pause at all, i slow down , but i use the motion of the rolling to help, putting more pressure on my back foot(right, dominant) than front to launch myself into the air, all this while “rocking” through about 1/6-1/4 of a turn… hopefully that last part makes sense.