Shug's Maiden MUni Run

Finally got the KH 24" MUni out on real live trails yesterday and it was wicked fun. Only a little blood, lots a lot of sweat and no tears!
First time with brakes and I like them, I like them a lot.
Got some good trails close to the house and now I am gonna skin 'em out and lay 'em down.
Apologies for the less-than-terrific camera quality. Going to work that out for the future…
Thanks for indulging me…
Shug of the Sweaty Saddle
Shug’s Ride

mUni riding is alot of fun. Sounds like you had a good time. Kudos for the homemade tunes. Classic Allman bros. :sunglasses:

Nice job!:slight_smile:

Beware, MUni is addicting! Nice viddy! :slight_smile:

OMG that was hilarious! Not the video just the tree slap at 1:58.

You get the idea too of how much you were lovin the muni! It’s kind of addictive and great fun but you got to be prepared for the bit of bloodshed.

50 years old, that’s awesome. You and Terry show that it’s never too late to get on that uni and have fun!

Great vid!

lol the tree part was funny
nice video i enjoyed it
You and terry should meet up n make a vid (Y)

Thanks Terry … you are inspiring and I look forward to your movies.

Fun it is. I am hooked! Homemade music … always if I can.

Glad you enjoyed the pain. Fun to share it!!! Age is no factor, luckily. Ride till I fall and cannot get up.

A darn good gag!! Fun to do.
I too love Terry’s vids. I would be honored to ride with him sometime…

Loved it, nice vid. Laughed out loud on the tree part. Hopefully we’ll get in some riding in the near future. I may have some problems keeping up! Where was that filmed?

Nice video… liked it a lot especially the tree bit, as everyone else said :slight_smile: Good riding, you’re getting better after seeing your first video only a short while ago. Well done.

Thanks. Those trails are around the Roseville resevior. South of County Rd. B. and west of Laurpenter. Fun bunch of trails…

'Preciate it! Looking forward to my skills getting good, especially on uphills and learning to hop the MUni as high as my trials uni!