Showers at buc?

Hey everyone!
My girlfriend is worried that there won’t be any showers at BUC. Will there be showers? I won’t need them, but she was horrified at the thought of going the whole weekend without a shower!
Thanks guys!

I’m sure there will. Otherwise there will be a lot of smelly people.


If I remember, there were showers in the Sports Hall changing rooms when the Scarborough Juggling convention was there last year so I’m sure that they’ll be open for the BUC as well - you could always drop the organisers an email? and Steve will probably post an answer if he ses this


Yes there will be showers - both male and female - there will also be a ‘smelliest unicycler’ competition on Sunday morning.

Phew, I would certainly be in the running for smelliest unicyclist if there weren’t showers. 112 miles is the shortest route, and I doubt I’ll be riding that way, the roads are a little too big to be sensible.


i wont have time to shower im only going for the one day :frowning:

Ooh, is Leo going? (I remember sharing a room with Leo and his T-shirts at Eurocycle a few years ago).