Show us your backyard trials playground

I love pallets and luckily the kids and Mrs likes them (although 17 seems to be the limit (for now ;)), takes me back to my lego building days lol

I live in a very flat town (ironically on the foot of 100 miles of massive hills) so there is bugger all steps around here so I had to build my own.

4 foot high for good drop practice and 9 steps are more than I can clear at the moment . I can clear 5 steps which is maybe 4-5 feet in distance and just leaping from the top onto the steps and riding out is fun and surprisingly easy (bearing in mine I have only been doing trials at weekends for a few months)

So show us your current structures / builds I could do with some inspiration :slight_smile:

It’s not in my garden, but it is about 5 minutes away. Living near the sea has the advantage that there’s lots of rocks on some parts of the coast. This particular bit is completely submerged at high tide, but makes a great riding spot when uncovered. There’s plenty of gaps and drops to go up, down and over, and they range in size from nice and small to big enough that even the best riders would have a challenge. As it is on wet, seaweedy rocks, it’s often slippery, and there’s never a good landing or takeoff surface for jumping. That’s one of the reasons I love it though, as the gaps don’t need to be at all big for it to offer a challenge.



Sweet, there are some big ban made boulder piles at the cost where I am as part of the sea defenses, I keep meaning to go.

Not as awesome as your natural stuff! :sunglasses: