Show Time

We’ve just done our second evening performance on unicycles. This is the
first time that Tess, Joe and I have performed in front of an
audience…about 300 people.

We come on through a large hoop…Gary (infrequent poster to this group) leads
and breaks the paper and then we follow on. We do a couple of circuits and then
go into a star. We follow this with cogs(?)ie turning in pairs which interlock
and then break from this into general mayhem and riding about while a tricycle
comes on with three huge tigers attached.

We are all made up with tiger faces, ears and long tails. It’s been great fun
and been really well received. No one fell off on the first night but I did
stumble last night. It seemed harder free mounting than normal in front of all
those people !

Last performance tonight…can’t wait…


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