Show Demo with World No9 Trials Biker and Top Uk Freerunner + me lol

Ok so i do demos with this guy Andrei Burton quite a lot, he’s a top trials rider and promotes safe cycling in and around devon because Exeter was chosen as a cycle demonstration city. we have done quite a lot of demos together and on a couple of occasions have included free runners such as at National Action Sports Show promo vid here but thats old, this time he was doing bigger demos with Kie Willis who is a top free runner in the Uk and also sponsored by Plain Lazy i was only there for one day but this is the footage i captured, i appreciate the riding is not great but demo riding is a bit like competition riding and is tricky and the rig was set out for trials riders and free runners rather than human sized gapping unicyclists, any way enough jibber jabber, check out the DEMO!!!
peace and love x

Thats cool, a lot of basic stuff, for unicyclind and free running, and probably the trials biking , as a lot of that was just gaps and drops. But everyone throws in harder stuff like flips and spins, 'cos theyre cool :sunglasses: !

Hope yopu has fun!
ps-who else finds that commentator slightly annoying “ooh!” “oh” ooohh!" over and over again!

lol its my dad, hes a good entertainer but not an extreme sports entertainer and also its my editting means that everytime its the peak of trick or something they all come together and yes it gets anoying ha ha

lucas, your dad is louder at your demo than I am in bed :wink: really gud though, the demo that is… nice audience you big show off, keep it rolling :smiley:

cheers for the comments guys preciate it