shout out.

hey people, id like to get people to know gaby costes a pro unicyclist that rides for Koxx-one i only know a little about him but hey… i will know more… eventualy:p and exept for that ill be giving you the link to his blog (french) and one of his best movies i beleive and his youtube page. :smiley:


youtube video(best):

youtube page:
hope you get inspired … like me:D

wow, he’s really good.

those black XTPs make me drool :roll_eyes:

wow he is awesome!
i <3 trials


I like this Guy. I remember when It was “Unicycle Try-All”. That was one of the vids that help get me into start doing tricks and extreme stuff. He is one Amazing Trials Rider.

Damn, 2:05 is sick.

ill be back tomorow with ansewers to posts if thre are any :sunglasses: (school)

dang…i want places to ride like those.

hes really good!

Could you please use more descriptive thread titles in future?


Pedal Grabs

Notice that he does very few pedal grabs. I guess when you can jump that high you don’t have a need for them any more!


That was amazing.

Lol at how many views that vids had.

Haha I got it was the same person by what he rode on. In the one vid for a sec you can see some of the same things, I feel like a detective.

Hes amazing, but jumping over a spiked frence diden’t look too clever.

That’s amazing, cept for the part at 1:34…shouldn’t those folks in the background have been bowing or something? :slight_smile:

I swear… it’s because he’s french - do you have super powers?!

I agree with thejdw on this:D Looked even better that way

ya i will make it more descriptif but dont ofrget its my first time making a new thread:o

No problem.
That’s why I asked nicely.
A general guideline for thread-titles is that a person who just scans the front page should immediately have an idea of they want to read your thread or not.

For something like this, “‘New’ Rider: Amazing Gaby Costes YouTube Video.” would’ve worked nicely.

your right all the way man…:o

i like more this video than the offensive trial.