shoulder pain

does anyone get shoulder pain after doing some drops on there unicycle, cus today and part of yesterday i was practicing a 3ft drop in my backyard and it took me foreever to land it but i finally did it today after 15+ trys and now my right shoulder hurts, its not like a painfull hurt is more of an anoying pain, like its sore, but i didnt land on it or anything like that when i was trying it

I get this stinging sensation in my shoulder when it dislocates, Anyone know what that’s about?

are you holding the seat with your right hand? If so, that could cause some of it if you aren’t used to it. try to use various positioning with your hand and watch what angles your shoulder and elbow are when you hop up and when you drop down. I’ve noticed the shoulder pain after starting to do bigger hops and drops. They’re not nearly as bad as the little finger pain from how I hold the saddle handle though :frowning: poor pinky…

Its because your not used to it, it wont hurt over time.