Should/Should Not

Hello, I am thinking of maybe starting to uni, IDK if that is good or bad, haha well anyway any recommendations?
Please! I NEED HELP!
I have a friend that unis, but any help would be cool! :thinking:

You already have all you need. A friend that rides and access to something to try out.

Obviously you were motivated enough to create a profile for the unicycle forums.

I don’t think you need any advice to decide if you should take up an enriching, healthy, life-changing hobby.

You should start unicycling, my recomendation.


I am not trying to endorse Nike but JUST DO IT!!!:slight_smile:

you’re on a unicycle forum, what do you think we’re going to say, no unicycling sucks don’t do it. :roll_eyes:

I would just like to take the full credit for converting him, thank you very much (I’m the friend).

I Guess

Thanks Random People of the internet, haha, yeah that is the friend, and yes you would have said no on a uni forum, and I guess you were right about trying it if I have a way to try it!

No unicycling sucks, don’t do it.

too bad I thin he already started

Don’t do it.
It is highly addictive and you will end up scoring a lot of unicycles and spending too much money.:smiley:

Surely you could find a cheaper sport like motocross, offroading 4x4’s or perhaps boat racing.