Should my daughter move up to a better unicycle?


My daughter asked for a unicycle for her birthday. I wasn’t sure if she would actually learn to ride it, so I got a pretty cheapo one. She has basically lived on the thing; in four months she has worn nearly all the tread off the tire. I am wondering if it is worth getting her a higher quality machine of if there’s not much need to. She is 10 years old, and her current cycle has a 16" wheel.

If her inseam is long enough I’m sure would love a 20".

My 10 year old daugther has taken over my KH 29, and she loves it. So yes, get the kid a better ride.

Or a 26 or 29 would be appreciated too if shes tall enough.

Yes, she should move up to a better unicycle. And you should buy one yourself and learn to ride it and then ride with her.

Yes. A better unicycle is easier and more rewarding to ride. 16" is tiny and slow.

20" if she likes to do clever stuff in a small space. 24" or possibly bigger if she wants to go places.

Ask her.


Yes, for three reasons:

  1. if she’s riding that much, then it’s evident that it’s not just some whimsical idea that she might abandon next week; unicycling is something very important to her, so it is worth investing a bit more.
  2. as unicycles aren’t so expensive, an upgrade doesn’t need to cost a whole lot. If cost is an issue, you can find many quality used unicycles (pretty much any post 2000 unicycle with ISIS cranks is very durable and will last a long time) in the $100-$200 price range.
  3. depending on her height, a 16" is most likely a bit small for her (my 6 year old currently rides a 16", but I have a 20" ready too – actually I also have an 18" as someone gave me one). And due to the relationship between the width of the cranks (which stays about the same) and the size of the unicycle, a 16" is generally more difficult to ride (as well as a lot slower). As others have posted, ask her what she wants (i.e. if she wants to do tricks and freestyle or trials with a 20" or more distance with a 24-29, depending on how tall she is).

I also vote for learning yourself. It’s a challenge and a lot of work but so much fun once you put in a few weeks of solid effort.