Should i wear a cup?

im pretty new to unicycling, but im not a total newbie, i have a 20" trainer uni (which i have mastered) and a 29" muni, which i have just gotten, and every now and then i sit down on it wrong and end up bustin a nut (excuse the… profanity) or i drop off a curb and end up bustin a nut, do you guys wear cups? (i know to wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads)

I know the problem. I haven’t tried a cup, but I often tuck the elastic of my underwear underneath my…errr…package, which keeps everything up and out of the way. Not a good idea of your underwear is too tight, though

A cup would probably work great buy I don’t want more crap un my underwear drawer and another thing I have to put on when I go ride.


A cup would get in the way and you would probably end up pinching the jewels between the cup and the seat, so not a good idea.

Just move them out of the way before dropping of a curb, also consider bike shorts or some spandex shorts.

Just a tip, but if you are sitting on your seat when you ride off a drop, you might want to lower your seat and consider putting some space between your nuts and the seat.

keep you junk up! a cup causes pain in other places!

would tighty whiteys be a viable option? cause as of right now i wear extremely loose boxers, they are so loose they are practically a second pair of shorts :slight_smile:

tighty whiteys are a good option!

When I first started, I had no idea balls would be the most popular topic encountered.

I have my seat lowered a bit. When I drop off a curb, I put my weight on my pedals and get off the seat a bit–that solves the problem, mainly.

I am the only one I know who does wear a cup. I use the shockdoctor compression shorts with a cup.

Fractured one once. :frowning:

Bicycle shorts + proper seat.

Most cheap unicycles come with TERRIBLE SEATS! I purchased a Kris Holm fusion street about 3 months ago… took my 15 minutes of agony to 4 hours of solid practice! Got a Nimbus Muni 26" which came with the nimbus gel… its okay… i almost immediately swapped it out for my KH and it was 100x better!

That’s definitely not a good idea. I quite often nowadays ride in normal underwear, though I wear briefs which do help a bit with keeping the important bits out of the way - the idea of riding in loose boxers is quite scary! However when I was learning (and nowadays if I go for a serious ride - ie more than 15 minutes riding, whether that’s distance or playing around) I wore proper bike shorts. I did try learning with my normal underwear, but found having a bit of support helped so much with my confidence.

I do wonder why the reluctance to wear proper bike shorts amongst uni riders. I should point out that in that I include duathlon shorts (which have a very small pad but still provide support) and short liners which feel more like normal underwear but with a pad - I usually wear one or other of those rather than full on bike shorts. Now if only I could find short liners with a nice breathable material but with a small pad like duathlon shorts.

Get some lycra stretch work-out shorts, then wear those under your regular shorts, the compression fit around the crotch will give you a place to put stuff where it will stay.

I’d avoid cotton, it won’t stand up to sweaty work outs and it is not stretchy.

A good seat, one that fits you, which is different for each person, I like the KH Freeride with a bit of surgery to narrow the waist. Also adjusting the seat angle so you fit better.

I wear Tri shorts with the pad removed. Even though the pad was quite thin to begin with, it rubbed me in the wrong places. Have tried thicker padded shorts and they are worse because they take up space. Uni seats are already well padded.

A cup would definitely be bad.

As others said, bike short, or just tight underwear. I just discovered something really comfortable to unicycle in, the dance belt.

This is a dance belt:

For the current circus show I’m working for right now, wearing a dance belt is a requirement for the costume. I must say it’s amazingly good for unicycle. When I wear bike short or tight underwear I always have to readjust right after mounting to make sure everything is in place, but with that, never had a problem. I doubt anyone here will actually buy one for uni, but hey, just sharing my story.

i am thinking about that!

That’s the exact opposite of the boxers i’m usually wearing.



Compression shorts can do the job. Go commando with the bike compression shorts, less is better, including padding. Be sure and pull up on the leg cuffs so that the compression is not pulled down the leg, but allowed to be effective on the crotch.

Pearl Izumi is what I’ve been wearing. The padding is thicker than necessary, but they work well.

My riding is pretty mild, mostly cruising rail trails.