Should i use this uni for freestyle and trick unicycling?,

SHould i use this uncycle for freestylea and trick unicycling eg, doing unispins, grinding, bunnhops and more. If not can someone send in a pic of a good one that i should use for freestyle and trick unicycling.

The Nimbus ISIS Trials is a good solid unicycle. The week point on them is the cranks which can easily be upgraded.

What you described is not freestyle, but closer to “street” style riding. Freestyle unis tend to be lighter with skinnier high pressure tires, Street unicycles tend to be beefier with a 19" trials wheel but shortish cranks (125mm). The Nimbus fits the bill fairly well while keeping the cost down.

Whats the difference btwn street and freestyle cos freestyle sounds a bit more…stunt-like… u told me the difference btwn that actual “unicycle” but not waht it does…can u tell me or reccomend a few other unis?
OH yer and whats the problem with the cranks?

ANd wouldnt it be better if the tyre was lighter and skinnier so its easier to do bunnyhops?

And, sorry i keep remembering things… would i be able to ride one footed with the frame/crown? cos its not completely strait and it has 2 poles coming out…

riding one footed is thhe frame rite

is it good to ride one footed with cos the frame isnt completely safe…

and how do i get a pic in my profile/under my name when i post something?

since I suck at both here are some video examples



edit: The frame works fine for foot on crown tricks. There is nothing wrong with the cranks, they are just not quite bombproof like the rest of the uni.


thanx i get wat u mean