Should I use it? Mint schwinn 24" cotter pin axel

I have been given a mint never used schwinn unicycle. Pedals new, seat new, tire new, schwinn sticker no nicks, get the picture… I started to use it, after one session the seat is taking a beating, particularly the edges.

Now after doing some reasearch, I found-out people are restoring these “older” schwinn unicycles.

Now the big question is should I continue to ride this thing, or should I trade-it to someone who is a fan, for a unicycle that I can ride (learn to ride)…my ultimate goal is to muni…

thanks for the advice,

If its old, I would seriously think about getting somthing else to learn on, so it doesnt get banged up. At least put some old socks or somthing over the seat when first learning, maybe some foam over any parts you would like to keep nice.

Good luck with learning, and Muni!

Oh, and if you want to trade it, check out HERE.

I only use my POS for street/sidewalk riding.
It not made for Muni or Trials.
The cotters will break with abuse.

I recommend learning using a different seat.
Those seat covers rip and tear easily.