Should I try SIF?

So hears the deal:

I recently got hooked on trials and have been practicing a ton but the one thing holding me back is my hopping height sucks :stuck_out_tongue: My max height is probably about 2-3 pallets. Should I keep working on getting my SI height up or should I start learning SIF jumping (which would involve learning SIF riding which I’m not comfortable at all with yet)? Would learning SIF jumping also help my SI jumping or vice versa?


Learning SIF helped me hit a higher maximum on SI so i would say learn SIF if you are going to learn trials you will want to learn SIF.

For sure! It’s never too early to start. Start by learning SIF riding and then work on hops when you get comfortable. You should keep practicing SI while you learn SIF too.

I think that most riding helps you develop other skills besides what you are working on. My hop height has increased over the years even though I ride flatland and hardly ever practice hops. So practicing SIF should definitely help your SI and vice versa.

Sweet! I can already go 100-200 meters SIF so i’m making some progress

you will have it down in no time! when you hop think of right before you hop as you are standing on the pedals and you push down and right as it rebounds you pull the uni up under you.

Alright, I’ll keep that in mind! Right now my thought process for jumping SIF is Okay get ready…Crap I’m falling, JUMP! :stuck_out_tongue:

I went from a 45cm Si to a 55 SI and a 73SIF in 2months

Any hints on learning to ride seat out? Apart from doing more practicing that is :stuck_out_tongue:
I have merely discovered it’s not as easy as you guys make it look :smiley:


ok. so think of it as standing on the pedals before you hop then you push down using your feet when you compress and then you pull up on your seat when you hop.

When learning, bend your knees a little more than you think you should. Also, I would say hold the seat with your dominant hand so you can use it to keep the Uni as stable as possible. Some people even push the seat against their body, but that never worked too well for me.

I have been doing squats and it is helping to!

Well I’m no expert but my advice (besides lots and lots of practice :smiley: ) is to bend your knees and really focus on always putting equal weight on both pedals. It’ll kill your legs at first because they never get a break but you’ll build up strength as you practice.

and reminder some days go better than others.

11" :smiley: Not super impressive but I’m happy for a week or so of practicing plus I’m probably higher SIF than SI already