should i stay seatin?, or go out

Is it really that much better in the long run for SIF? I am doing seat in and doing just fine, I need to learn to tuck a little better but I think im doing perfectly fine.
Any thoughts on the matter?

Go seat out. After a while it gets harder and takes longer to jump higher seat in.
Your saddles also don’t break as easily…

Learn SIF . . . but continue to use SI.

Seat in is great for smaller hops (especially in muni or freeride).
Seat out is great for trials and bigger hops (especially in muni).

I try to use the one that costs less energy for the hop I’m doing.
Use both at will.

Well, for me, I was hitting 24-26 inches seat in, and was hard to get any higher then that except with a rolling hop.

I switched SIF and can go 30-34", and still rolling hop fine with the higher seat, and I think my highest pedal grab was 45".

You already ride with a high seat, which makes it hard for you to tuck as much as you can, so id just start going SIF.

Your seat kills though, put some tubing around that edge. =p

EDIT: The above post is good advice. If you notice when I ride, I still do SI for a lot of gaps and ledges, and switch to SIF when something big gets in my way.

i do seat in for everything
i can hit 7 feet or so sidehop seat in.
thats just my style though. i would say that the majority of ppl (IE YOU) need to go seat out.(i don’t have the patience)

by sidehop you mean static? because 6 ft is pretty massive.

mhmmm i almost hit a 180 over a 6’ gap today. I’ll do it tomorrow :slight_smile:
i can do 7 ft plus rolling sidehop

for me im a small trials rider so SI for most stuff
however im also intested in freestyle and street so i dont know how that will work

+1 untill future notice, I would get to the max with seat in and then switch. No point hopping SIF if the seat doesn’t raise above your hips.

so landed that yet?
wait. isn’t a rolling side hop an oxymoron?
if not care to explain that, because i am a little confuse on the practical issues of a rolling sidehop

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