Should I start unicycling?

I was wondering if I should start unicycling or not. Is there risk of injury of anything when unicycling? If you could get back to me that would be great. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Hey d3nf,
First off I would like to say welcome to the unicyclist forums! There is lots of great information on unicycling and other things as well here. And to answer your silly question, of course you should unicycle! It is an amazing sport that will keep you busy for a long time to come. There are many different types of unicycle styles, so you will find a unicycle type that fits you. From my experience, unicycling is a bit safer than skateboarding, I guess it depends on what you are doing, but it is a pretty safe sport and if you hurt yourself, I would say and I’m sure that many other people on here will say that it is worth it!

But welcome to the forums!

What do you mean by injury? Of course there’s risk for injury. Probably just as much as there’s a for biking or skating. Some forms of unicycling pose more of a risk than others (Street, Muni, trials) as compared to different forms (freestyle, distance, flatland, commuting). The most common injuries I think are ankle injuries but it’s really not like you’re prone to get an injury. As long as your being careful, you probably won’t hurt yourself.

Is there a particular type of riding you want to do, or just learn in general?

Hope this helped, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Your question feels like a bit of a setup. Of course there is a risk of injury… injury to EVERYTHING! Some basic safety equipment greatly reduces the risk. At the very least a helmet and gloves are essential. There will certainly be bumps, bruises, and scrapes… all part of the fun in a way. If it was easy and painless everyone would be doing it.

Your question is a bit like going on a forum for marathon runners and asking if you should start running. Will I get tired?:slight_smile:

Maybe if you gave us a bit of information about yourself we could guide you better. What got you interested in unicycling? How old are you? etc.



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Setup. Right?

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No. You definitely should not start. We here at the unicyclist community believe firmly that unicycling is extremely dangerous and we strongly discourage anyone, including our own members, from participating in any activity that involves more than 0 and less than 2 wheels.

You will likely die within minutes of initial contact with one of these one wheeled death machines. Please heed my warnings and stay away.

Thanks for saying it Dave, I just didn’t want to be the one to break the news.:o


I know we usually keep the truth about unicycling secret to the outside community, but I fear for the life of this innocent soul so I decided to divulge our secret.

I must admit, “likely death” was my first thought, but unlike you, Dave, I chose to candy-coat the reality of the situation. I didn’t want to scare away a new member!


Honesty is the best policy, I sometimes say.

Oh dam I never thought of this. I reccomend we all stop unicycling.

Edit: lol?


Once apon a time unicycling was as popular as walking (the thing you do with your legs), people would do everything on their unicycles, until one day we realised there was a risk of injury… and everybody died… fin.

yes, I know… I am dead!
It was yet another fatal clown joke incident, ending in a pedal bite war of which we both lost.

I’m a poltergeist who knows how to use computers.


not to be hostile, but wow… you come on a unicyclist forum and ask if you should start unicycling… what kind of response do you honestly think you are gonna get? Of course there’s a risk of injury, that should be a given. As for serious injuries, it’s possible but highly unlikely at a beginner’s stage. You’re looking at some road rash and pedal bites at the worst. If you’re really interested in riding then I say go for it, don’t let what other people think hold you back. If you need help with anything check out the search feature here, there’s a lot of knowledgeable and experienced riders who would be mroe than happy to share what they know

Anyone can unicycle, you just need to decide if it’s something you would like to do. Seriously, I believe biking, skating and most of the other extreme sports I’ve done have a much higher risk of injury. It’s much easier to bail, and you’re not traveling as fast (most of the time).

Unicycling is as dangerous as you want it to be (I think I read that off a UDC FAQ). If you just want to learn then you might fall hard sometimes and maybe a few pedal bites but nothing significant. If you want to learn how to go off 5 foot drops then some form of injury is probable. I learned on carpet inside my house and I had pretty much no injurys except for saddle soreness from the torker cx’s seat (don’t get a torker cx).

The answer is quite simple: YES. Do it. :slight_smile:
It is never too late to start. I begun 2 years ago because my two sons were really good. Some stuff I’ll never be able to do, but never mind. What I can do is fun.

Best reagrds

I double checked the data sheet that came with my uni. There is nothing about unicycling being dangerous. I also checked Youtube for unicycle accidents… nuthin’. So, no it’s not dangerous. Go for it.

just stay away from big stairs :smiley:

Learning to ride a unicycle requires determination. It is hard at first. It requires practice.

I learned to ride at age 50 without ever falling down. As somone said, “Unicycling is as dangerous as you want it to be”. I have fallen a few times while riding, usually while riding off-road over bumps or at high speed.