Should I start getting frustrated?

I am having the hardest time getting the hang of this darn unicycle. I’ve had the thing for 2 weeks and can MAYBE get 5 feet before falling. My balance sucks.
I guess I just needed to vent and look for some advice - should I be concentrating on learning my balance first or just keep pushing myself off a wall and going for it?
Thanks for listening!

Practice getting the hang of the movements…I dunno…i would say just go for it. It will eventually come

just keep riding it all the time, even if you only get 5ft or whatever. For most people when they are riding and they cant even get 4ft, one day it just clicks, you know how to ride a unicycle forever. One day you get 5ft, the next you get 100ft. Its really weird but thats how it happend with me

Re: Should I start getting frustrated?

You should definitely start getting frustrated. What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you any good yet? Man, you’re bad at this. Just give up right now.

Actually, I’m just jealous because almost everyone learns faster than me. I don’t know how long it was, but it was something like three or four weeks of practicing a few hours every day before I got the hang of it. You’re doing fine. Just keep trying.

May I suggest that you give the unicycle a rest for two or three days.

Don’t ride for so long in one session, say 15 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes doing something else, then 15 mins on unicycle. That way you aren’t tired. If you’re trying and trying it will statistically take you longer to learn, you need to break it up and let your body learn what you’re doing.

You say you get 5 ft? You can ride it okish then! Try and think each time you fall off why you keep falling. You say your balance sucks, that can’t be the case if you make 5 ft, you’d not even make 1 ft if that’s the case. Be positive, 5 ft today, six foot then further, you have to keep building small blocks of knowledge.

Don’t forget to lean forward a very little then peddle off, that may very well help.

Good luck


I’ve found that when trying to build up muscle memory (which is what makes you capable of riding), it is often best to first visualize what you are trying to do completely, and then repeat the action over and over again until you are pretty fatigued. Sleep on it for a day or two, and maybe ride a little in between, and then try hard again. With me, the progress made during those ‘breaks’ is often phenomenal.

Keep trying, but learn in small chunks. Set targets. Count pedal strokes.

But think about the basics. Weight on the seat, lean forwards then pedal smoothly. Keep your line of sight fairly high - don’t look down. Always fall off the front, not the back.

Don’t try to regain your balance after every pedal stroke. Riding is a constant process of not quite falling. Think of an object in orbit: always falling smoothly but never landing.

Good luck.

I’m the uni newbie who doesn’t even own one yet. One of the suggestions got me curious: does one most often fall to right or left, or to front or back? I think my biggest fear would be falling backwards.

I think on that site, i forget whose :frowning: it says if you practice more than so many hours a day your overall learning times goes up. Moral: dont go too long in one day or else you just reinforce bad habits.

When in the learning process, I think it’s pretty rare for someone to fall. It’s more like a dismount you don’t want to happen. In the first few days of learning to ride, I didn’t have my hands hit the ground more then once or twice. Only a few times I wasn’t able to catch my seat as well.

As for which side I dismounted most. I think it was about even between front and back. I was surprised how hard it was to balance sideways at first.

If you find that you are having a hard time on the uni, I would suggest the only thing that will help you… more practice. It’s also not a bad idea to leave the uni alone for a few days. Sometimes trying too hard will hold you back.

The last piece of advice I can offer is to have fun. Even if you can’t ride right off the bat, just have fun trying and it’s all worth it.


I would say dont do this. its important to do it every day or else you will regress. they say with musical instruments that if you dont play for a while, it’ll take the same amount of time that you missed to get as good as you were before you stopped. i think this is true with unicycling too, through my own experience.

I’ve taught several people to ride, and something that I’ve always noticed with beginners is that they stop pedalling after going some distance. For example, you ride five feet and then stop pedalling and fall. It happens unconciously, but you just need to concentrate on continuing to pedal. Just keep your feet on the pedals, and keep them moving.
Hope this helps.

Don’t get frustrated, it took me 2 months to get the hang of it last year with a 2 week lay off which helped me go back to it with a more positive attitude. Just keep plugging away, it will finally click, after all whats the hurry, when you do get the hang of it, it will seem strange that you ever had to learn and will seem like a skill that you’ve had all your life. After all, I don’t remember learning to walk.

I actually find getting Frustrated can help me, If im trying to learn something and its sooooo hard, I get really frustrated and stop for 5 minutes and when I try again im completly relaxed and most of the time I sucseed, Like today I couldnt get past 14 throws with 7 balls but then i did something like 24 :slight_smile:


Here is my advise on learning anything from unicycles to guitar playing to getting in shape, etc.

You will get frustrated. It is just part of the process. People seem to focus on the end goal of perfection instead of making a goal to improve.

Break your sessions into 15 minute segments; 20 mins at the max. Then take a good rest; for at least an hour and maybe just wait until the next day even.

My experience is that when you get frustrated while trying to learn something and try to ‘push through’ it you will delevope bad habits and slow down your learning curve.

My 2 cents.

On second thought. I think you should give up. Not only that, in order for you not to get temped to try again, mail me your unicycle and I’ll hang onto it for you. If anyone else want’s to do the same, send me a pm.

I’m looking for a rider with a good MUni to give up and send me their uni.


As a new unicyclist, I’d like to recommend trying to learn on a wooden deck that has rails along the edges. If you can find one. I learned this way. The great thing about this is that you can use the rail as much as you need for balance. As your balance gets better you’ll find that you’ll tap the rail every so often to help. Eventually you won’t need the rails anymore. What I liked about learning this way, was that I was actually sitting on the unicycle and pedaling, getting a feel for it.

I have some help on how good you should be in 2 weeks. Well actually 2 weeks in 2 days. that was me and bryan m after 2 weeks and one day

I learned by pushing off from a wall and just going for it. The uni I had was a little too tall for me and the seat was welded in place so I couldn’t adjust it. Eventually I did get it cut down and welded again. It took me 3-4 weeks before I could do the driveway. It is really frustrating, but if you work on it a little at a time (do 15-30 minute sessions, then take a break), it will make it less frustrating as you will find you will be able to do things sooner. Most of your improvement actually comes between rides. The balance and reactions to riding a unicycle is mostly mental, so make sure you give your brain a break too.
I found that the left-right balance was hardest to learn, but I still almost always came off the front or the back. I didn’t fall during the learning process, your reaction will be to step off the pedals when you lose your balance.

just kidding, we were fast learners