Should I Sell My KH Flatland Wheel?

When I got back into unicycling a few months ago, after 25+ years off, I bought a KH20 Flatland (110mm cranks, smoother, thinner lighter tire than a trials) , because I wanted a high quality uni to learn/get better at mostly free-style-like tricks, like walking the wheel, riding one-footed, juggling etc. At 39, I never thought I would get into trials/street-style riding.

Well I got the uni and I loved it but shortly became obsessed with learning trials/street style skills. So I bought a 19" KH trials wheel and put it on my KH20 longneck frame. I’ve yet to put the flatland wheel back on. For what I want to do on a ~20" uni, the fatter tire with longer cranks is much more stable.

My question is do you think I should try to sell the flatland wheel? I could use the money, but I also want to continue learning skills like walking the wheel, riding forward one-footed etc. Are those skills going to be any easier on the thinner less knobby tire with shorter cranks?

So far I find almost everything easier on the trials tire/longer cranks apart from riding forward for more than a few mins, which I don’t use my KH20 for anyway. For walking the wheel and one footed riding, I don’t feel I can do either well enough on either wheel to judge which wheel would be better. If I wanted to learn some flatland tricks, it seems most flatlanders use trials wheels anyway…

Crank size doesn’t really mater to much except the smaller the faster you can ride. I’ve never had any trouble wheel walking with a knobby trials tire, I think it gives me a little more grip and it being wider is good. The flatland is good for flatland and freestyle, the trials is good for everything.

If you do decide to sell, I may be interested in buying the wheelset.


I am with kelly

I am interested in selling. It is barely used. It would be about $400 new. I would sell it for $300 + shipping. If interested or you want pics, PM me. Thanks.

Pmed although its saying it didn’t go through.


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