Should I replace my 137s moments with 125s?

Hey All,

I was told at UNICON XV that for double flips and flipping in general that I should have 125s because they are shorter and easier to flip. I wonder if it is worth it to get 125s instead of 137s (I am currently riding with 137s). Do you think it would make a big difference with my flip tricks if I got 125s?

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I Don’t know, but am gonna bump this thread up.

flips are definitely easier with short cranks. i’m back to riding a normal unicycle since my frame is still being sad and broken somewhere in utah and that uni has 137’s which make doubleflips on flat a bit difficult to me.
but, tons of street riders ride 137’s still.

I would definitely recommend 125s if you don’t do much trials. I loved 125s but I do trials and they aren’t enough torque for me.

Could you name a few?

137/140 for big street. 125 for tech street. u chose

Everyone with koxx street cranks, (krisz, loic). Me :P. I find 137 flip faster for me but I have only really tried 125s for 20 mins or so. I think a lot of it is what you’re used to.

What’s the difference?

Daniel Adelander and (I think) Adrien Delecroix have 137mm. They both can treysidetriple easily on flat, I like shorter cranks though.

One’s cool the other is not. It’s up to you to decide which. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, “big street” is riding that consists of trying large gaps and drops, while sometimes adding tricks. As such it requires more leverage to control the wheel upon impact. “Tech Street” is really flatland, but adding a few curbs or small stair sets. The emphasis is still on the trick, and the street element is secondary.

y cant they both b cool? i think both r cool. i just prefer riding big street because i find it easier and i think it looks better. but thats just my personal preference

big street is doing big rolling hops up obstacles, jumping down large stair sets, hitting big handrails and focusing more on hoptwists or pedal grabs or variations etc. while tech street focus’s more on flip tricks and getting them up or down smaller (compared to big street) obstacles.

Adrien was using 125 at unicon so if he’s changed I guess that just proves it doesn’t matter too much lol.