Should I quit?

Okay… so as lots of you know, I have really bad luck with unicycles. Every uni I touch seems to shatter by me merely laying a finger on it. It’s not actually that bad but I’ve been going through waaaaay to many uni parts lately. Most recently I bent my cranks hella bad, so it’s impossible to trick or drop.
I really love unicycling but I can’t afford to keep riding any longer. I don’t want to quit but considering my current income, it seems to be my only choice. Unless… any of you had a brilliant solution.
Currently, the only one I can think of is “make more money” but I can’t really do that. So… if any of you have some really good ideas… that would be reallyreallyreally awesome.
If not… here’s a video of what tiregrabs with bent cranks are like.
Thanks, Jackie

Don’t do such big drops! That was about six feet right? Don’t go so big.


DONT DO IT PHIL!!! I got a solution. Ride less :stuck_out_tongue: 1 part a month so you can ride maybe… 3 times a month of your lucky? have you tryed just getting really good parts? what do you have now? perhaps Moment cranks are in order with a KH titanium hub, Triton frame!? ><

Well if you like unicycling and you quit, I recon you’ll be back sometime. I stopped a while ago, and i’m back into it more than before. I recon rather than quit, go easy on it for a bit, try stuff you cant do that is less stressfull to the uni than what you do now, and when financial situation is better ride as you do now.

I have a really good uni. It’s a Qu-ax frame with Qu-ax cranks and an Alex DX hub and rim. It’s held up to drops up to 15 feet for about a year. It’s good.
I just love to go big. 6-7 is generally where I trick off of lately.
Just that kind of stuff is really tough on the uni and I don’t have much money to replace parts.

And at Pigs, I wouldn’t go big so much but big street and muni are the only styles that hold interest for me.

That’s Jackie… lolz, HEy Jackie were you doing a tire grab off your house? Go you!

Thanks, that might be what I’ll do…
Just it will probably be about ten years or so until I’ll have enough money again… :frowning:

His problem is money. How would spending over $1000 on just cranks, hub, and a frame help his financial situation?

My advice: Switch styles. Go flat. Get a CF base if you have that much cash and then eventually upgrade to moments which won’t die on you.

Is any of the stuff you recently broke under warranty (I’m assuming not…)?

No worries.

Well my money situation is shite at the moment, but im not killing parts here and there, lol, and I have the 2 wheeler to keep me occupied, till the situation is better. I stopped for maybe 6 years, didn’t own a unicycle in that time at all, started up again maybe last August, and I’m enjoying it more, I am better, I’m performing occasionally, and I have people to unicycle with.

If you quit then come back to it, what will you miss in the time you are gone? How much could you have progressed? We don’t know. Now, I wish I hadn’t stopped unicycling for 6 years, I’d be loads better than I am now.

You should quit.

Be glad it’s uni parts you’re breaking and not body parts.

I wouldnt worry about body parts until 10ft+

Thing is, im sure jackie would end up breaking Moments, unless he had a ti hub.

You should find some friends in town and move in with them, and get a job. McDonalds or something, save up for a long time, then be able to buy better than stock parts. Like the CFbase we have beent telling you to get for years. lol


If you love it, don’t quit. Do what it takes to keep riding. Tell Phil and Jerrick to “look at that hot chick over there” and then, while they’re distracted, gank whatever you need from their rides.

If it doesn’t mean that much to you, quit. It won’t matter and will be filled in by what you have a passion for.

And tells those fools, “go big or go home.”

Buy smart, not in quantity. You need the parts that will last.

You need a 48 spoke rim for sure. The qu ax wheelset is arguably the strongest wheel on the market. Get it built with 2.0 mm spokes, long brass nipples.

cromo seatpost, CF base, and any beefy pedals. Primo’s are well known for being tanks by BMX riders.

Naw, don’t quit man. You may be the best Old Schooler left.

Great idea. We really don’t want you to quit, and with your skill I’m sure it would be easy enough to get a good sponsor. Try it. What can you lose from firing off a quick email?:slight_smile:

yeah, you should save up for a while and you, Jer, and Phil should come down here and we can film you an awesome sponsorship video.

Don’t quit:o :o :o

Focus on tech more, save your money and then get a super burly set-up. If you did that for a few months or a year, you could really start throwing some amazing stuff:D

Which would be stonoger, that or w/ a solid Try-All rim instead?

Dude, your 16…
Get a job


Maybe you could even borrow someone’s uni for the vid? (maybe…:stuck_out_tongue: )