Should I pay the extra bucks for a high-end uni?

I spent the last coupla months learning to uni on my sun 20". now, though, i’m fed up with it and want to get a new nice one. mostly, i use it for transportation around campus, but i would like to try some light trials and muni. i don’t want to break the bank, but i want one that will last. i expect to pay upwards of $200 or $300 for one with splined cranks, but how nice of one should i get? i’m trying to decide between an onza, DX, and Qu-Ax.

all 24", by the way

Well, I personnally would say to go for the splined uni and spend a few extra bucks.

I had to deal with a muni and a trials uni that were both somewhat lower end, and they just kept bending and bending and breaking. I finnally spent the money for a really nice Muni, and couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I’ll ever have to replace a part on it.

among those three i mentioned, the onza is $449, the dx is $399, and the qu-ax is $329. so, is the onza worth the $120 more than the qu-ax? at this price range, are they all about the same quality or do i gain a whole lot by spending another 25% extra?

also, the seat on the qu-ax shown at is a “kris holms style seat” which i take to mean it’s an imitation. is that right, or is it just as good? how do all the seats on these compare, for those who have tried them?

Honestly I think the Qu-ax is your best option if you are worried about cost.

I went from a cheap 20" freestyle to my 24" QU-AX and have no complaints. I find it so much more solid and rugged.
I lay a hard beating on it and it takes it without complaining… :slight_smile:

Here are some pics I just took of it so you could examine the seat:
I’m pretty sure it’s just as good as a kh seat but I’m not sure as I don’t have a kh to compare it to. (my seat takes a beating as you can see by the pics) Mine is the current 1401 version.

i concur. I too have a Qu-Ax 24" MUni. I took it to cal muni weekend, and came back with much less paint and no Left or Right stickers on it. takes a beating and comes back for more.

thanks victory for the great pictures…looks like the fabric on the seat is pretty sturdy and the bumpers do a good job protecting it. says the cranks on the qu-ax are 170mm and that seems awfully long- how does that affect the rideability of the unicycle if i am used to short (127mm) cranks?

I just checked my 20" and they’re 127’s also… When I first switched over I found that the Qu-ax seemed like it was much faster than my 20" but I guess it would be even faster with let’s say 150mm cranks.
Now when I ride my 20" I feel sort of like a clown cause I feel like im pedaling around such a tiny axis… I think the 170’s grew on me and I’m more used to them.

An advantage of the 170’s is that you have more control and strengthlike you would with a 20" trials. I use mine mostly for street riding and trials.(I rarely go offroading with it)

By the way how tall are you? This might make a difference in the crank length. (for the record I’m 5’11")

dont rule out the DX, its only $270 on ebay. I brought my 20" dx from him and the guy isn’t going to scam you. Im not sure the specs of the 24" you can ask forrestunifreak - he has one.

Heres the linik:


Sorry to hyjack this thread but e39m5 I’ve been eyeballing that 20" dx on ebay for a few days now what do you think of it? did you take any pics of it?

perhaps this is a silly question…but when you order a unicycle from, does it come assembled? how about from your guy on ebay, e39m5- does he assemble them?

by the way, i am 5’9"

When you order from you have to assemble the wheel on the frame (four screws), screw on the pedals (two screws), and put the seat post in the frame (two screws or quick release).

As for the eBay guy, no idea.

By the way, I have the 20" Qu-ax trials and love the seat (it looks like the 20" and 24" use the same seat). The cycle feels so much beefier and sturdy than my old Torker LX, so as you’re upgrading from a Sun it’ll probably feel like even more of a jump in quality. Now when I go back to my old LX it feels so… puny and weak.

i hear that the qu-ax (at least the 20") muni is quite heavy…is the same true for the 24", and how does that affect riding?

My 20" Qu-ax is noticably heavier than both of my other two unicycles (Torker LX 24" and Nimbus 29"). I find it interesting that the 20" weighs more than the 29", but then again the Qu-ax is made to take a lot more abuse.

The weight on the 20" doesn’t really bother me much, but I guess judgement should be reserved for someone who has the 24".

TThe guy on ebay doesn’t send assembled easier. Its real easy to put together, just make sure you line up the Ls and the Rs on the inside of the cranks and the end of the pedals.

I did buy the 20" off of ebay and i’m loving it. Im sitll trying to figure out how to hop, but the seat is comfy and the beefy wheel is awesome. Im more than happy with what i got for the price.


oh sick, you bought it from the ebay guy? where is he located?

his price is so much better than UDC’s.

that’s the last straw in this here abbabibble-style dillemma. I’m buying that there sexy torker. i just got my paycheck, and i have an itch for a real trials uni!

btw, the Qu-Ax 24" is such a beast. Its the first thing i called it when i took it outta the box, “THIS THING’s A BEAST!” I said it so loud that i made my mom drop my dog’s food bowl. the dog had no problem with cleaning the floor afterward. the 24" is definatly worth it. definately.

its shipped from salt lake city utah. Took a week to get to me


as for weight, if you’re doing light. trials and MUni, it won’t be that much of a problem for you. It won’t be as light as a KH, but it isn’t going to be much of a problem for hopping, and no problem at all for riding. for simple riding, weight doesn’t matter too much.

men get the torker dx off ebay… it look so good this year compared to the others… and it should take as much abuse or even more then the qu-ax…