should i or should i not buy :)

Should I complete my coker with a nimbus frame?

What is the weight of the standard coker chrome frame.

Do it, the nimbus looks damn cool, and you can put brakes on it. I’m loving mine

:smiley: no, absolutely not. I am the coolest cokerer around here.

I hope you don’t mind if i threadjack, but should i buy an airfoil, 14g stainless spokes and 125mm aluminium cranks? I’ve only done 160 miles on the old setup but im flexing the hell out of the rim, so that it rubs on the brakes often.


thats what im getting on wednesday, but with 150 cranks.

rubbing brakes isnt good at all. your not going to bend an airfoil. the spokes are lighter and stronger. what isn’t there to like?

That’s what I’ve got, so I’d say Go For It

the fact its gong to cost me aournd £145 even if i build the wheel myself.

On one hand, i think I’m deff going to get this stuff one day, so i might aswell get it asap, on the other hand i feel my riding doesnt deserve such fancy stuff and i should slog it out on the steel rim longer.

Also, should i change the rim or cranks first, or all together? if the rim first, i get a chance to play with a very maouverable uni for a little while, if the cranks first ill get used to them with the heavy wheel, and theyll be easy to use when i swap rims.

Also buy a new UDC hub, they are inexpensive and have smaller holes so the thinner spokes will fit better. You’ll end up with an extra wheel to keep or sell.

interesting idea, but that would bring total cost up to £180, i’ll have a think about it.

If you want it GET IT you will be alot happier in the long run. You may just have to work a little harder to pay for it, but if your motivated it will work out.
The wide hub, the 14 ga spokes airfoil rims are a must and the frame is nice too as it does not flex like the stock frame, Aw Heck just get it all

Wow, that hub is more expensive there in the UK. In the states the hub is $30, which is only about 15 pounds. I see in the UK it cost 32 pounds, equivalent to $62 us dollars. I would think twice. You may want to ask an expert, but if you don’t get the new hub, you’ll probably want to use washers with the big holes of the old coker hub. When I built my airfoil wheel the first time, I could see that some spokes didn’t seat right in the large holes, then rebuild the wheel again with the new hub. Then rebuilt the old wheel getting a lot of practice rebuilding wheels.

Genreally stuff is relatively more expsensive in the UK, when people in the US complain about how exspensive stuff is im always amazed how cheap it is. I asked Miark (UDC UK) and he said it’s worth using the spoke washers for the extra £1.02. The thing is if i swap the hub i can keep the old wheel whole and it has some resale value, unfortunately a sale just fell through but i might find someone else to buy it. It’s a bit of a pickle.

I’m not sure how much the Nimbus frame adds, it is slightly heavier than the standard Qu-Ax/Coker/Radial frame, it’s easier to attach brakes and should remove some flex in sharp turns, though I havn’t noticed much flex in my standard Qu-Ax frame. Like said above it would be a wiser choice to get the airfoil rim, either with 100mm Suzue/UDC hub or 127mm extra wide UDC hub, which I am running atm.