Should I go with a Nimbus 26" or 29"

Right now I’m debating on a 29" or a 26", $300 is about what I’m will to shell out on a uni at this time. I like the thought of the higher speed on the 29, but I got lots of semi worn tires from mountain biking and slicks that would work great on the 26.

Does Nimbus make 29" MUNI. The only one I found was this one
the single wall rim worries me on trails. although most of my MUNIing will be on XC trails and not big drops. Right now it is paved & gravel bike trails, but I’m getting better.

Here is the 26 I’m thinking about.

Any thoughts on the 29 vs. 26 would be help full.
I have some time cause I asked for gift cards for xmas/birthday, but I hope to have a decision and have it ordered by New Year Eve.

The tire availability for the 29er should be growing, cause I’ve seen more 29" mountain biking on the trail. I ride Kenda Nevegal 2.35, probally to skinny for the muni.

“Depending on your size, the terrain you’ll be on, and how aggressive you plan to ride, each definitely has its advantage. If you’re not a heavyweight, your trails aren’t severely rocky or drop-strewn, and you plan on mostly straightforward riding, the 29er would be the way to go. It’s a nice uni, and the single-wall rim is the only real downfall, imho. But if your terrain is rough, you plan to be harder on the equipment, and speed isn’t your main objective, the 26er is a good uni. Personally, with either uni, I’d spend a little more and swap the cranks for KH (something like $40 more at time of purchase, iirc), as the Nimbus cranks are at the moment an unknown quantity” by pkittle

I’m six feet tall and am a riding weight of 195-200 lbs. Shown is the terrain I’ll most likely be riding for the next couple years, I only started riding a uni in August 2007. mostly grumed trails, with roots and small rock sections. Maybe someday I’ll be able to muni what I mountain bike, then again maybe not.


Tough Choice

I have the Nimbus 29er and graduated to it from a cheap 24-inch Sun. The learning curve was steep for me, but I really enjoy the 29er. Having said that, I think you might be better off with getting a 26er. It will be cheaper in the long run, because you already have a stock of tires to try out on it. In addition, the 26er you’re thinking of looks rugged and ready for any trail. It’s got some really good features.

The Nimbus 29er is fantastic on the road, which is where I ride. You can put off-road tires on it and it works well (Check Mark Williamson’s posts), but with the 26er, you’re getting a machine built for the trails. Sure, you’ll sacrifice a tiny bit of speed (maybe 2 mph), but does that really matter on a unicycle? I think the 26er is more built to your purpose, you’ll be having fun on it sooner, and you won’t ever worry that maybe you’re riding harder than the rim was designed to take. After you get bored with the trails, then you can consider getting a 36er in a year or two for taking on the roads.

Good luck with your decision. You really can’t make a bad choice, either way.

29 vs 26

Since you have just started unicycling Aug 2007 and you want to do the trails/XC i’d go with the 26".

I really love the 29" but under tougher trail conditions, I usually switch to my 20" uni. So if I had a choice between the 29 and 26 it would be the 26.

As my muni skills improve, it will always be the 29". But for now for me it would be the smaller wheel on the difficult trails.

easier to hopping
easier to idle
slightly more manuverable
Feel more comfortable on smaller diameter wheel.

I was at the same point earlier this year trying to make the choice between a 29 or 26. I went for the Nimbus 26 for the same reason of having loads of tires to choose from. Unfortunately I bought before they came out with the ISIS crank/hub 42mm bearing. Would’ve been nice to have but at my beginner level it’ll do for a while.

Does anyone know if there’s a splined hub that will fit the 40mm Nimbus?

yes, profiles will fit in a regular nimbus frame, but they are costly.

Hey surf!

I have the nimbus 26" you are looking at and I’ll be in Ft Collins on the 28th and 29th of this month. Let me know if you want to try it out, and I’ll bring it along.

Wow. More than the new “splined” Nimbus 26 Muni!

yeah, I know, but freaking bombproof and lifetime warrantee! Plus purdy colors!

Might as well buy a bomb proof frame and rim as well! Perhaps when I NEED them :slight_smile:

It has been a while since I’ve ridden a 26" but I just got a 29" and I think they’re very similar.

Hi, I do own the 26er, and I’m really happy about it. I use it for riding mountain mtb trails, and I think the 26 is a good compromise for what I need. With the 3" tire it’s like having suspensions, it rolls over anything, and still is enough easy to steer in more technical parts (obviously, less than a 24er).

I just have to add a brake. wielded clamps, or hose clamps, still have to decide.

Nimbus question

Can’t speak to the question directly, but
I’m looking for a Nimbus 26 ISIS in Colorado. Which shop might have one?

I’m going with the Nimbus 26" with 150 KH cranks. I think the 26 will be a little bit easier to free mount and steer, then the 29.

Bondo, Thanks for the offer, but I plan on being up in your neck of the woods surfing colorado those days.

It is unlikely that any colorado bike shop has the nimbus 26" in stock. Loveland cycle & fitness has some torkers 24" and 26". has a dealer locator. So you could call around, you might get lucky.