should i go kangaroo?

the left crank fell off my 20" today, the worse-quality of the two unicycles i own. now i have the opportunity of switching it to a kangaroo.

now, can anyone tell me if a kangaroo is enough fun to justify losing a lot of the functionality of the unicycle? are there any specialised tricks? or is it only really worth it when combined with the eccentric hub?

it’s interesting to do, but pretty hard to ride. I’d do it just to have the experience. It’s pretty easy to remove the crank and put it back on again anyway.

kangaroo is not very hard to ride, you’re riding after 10 min. of pratice.

specialised tricks? ehh… You can do 1 ft ride, and wheelwalks, but I think crankflips will be to hard. It’s hard enough to jump.

there like a remote control car its cool for the first day then its no fun becasue theres nothing more u can do

Idle before you go forward, that’s the easiest way

It’s not like your making it a kangaroo for life. Try it, and when you get bored with it, just put it back.

Compromise and put the cranks on 90 degrees from each other.

oh boy!..a chance to post my favorite .gif of all time…


i didnt get that untill i saw the hub roffle copter

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