Should I Get This Torker LX?

It looks good; all I would have to do is replace the seat, but I don’t know how much that costs.

I also found this one, but I’m not sure what kind of Torker it is, since it isn’t specified. I was hoping you could tell by the picture.

There were some other cheaper unicycles as well: Sun, Hamburg, Torker CX, Gravity. Are any of these alright to get?


You’d probably be better off buying a new one. Personally if the seat is in that sad of shape then how was the rest of it cared for…at that distance it could be new or complete crap. Who’s to really know? I’d hate to see anyone get screwed.

it all depends on what type of riding you want. do you want one for muni, then a 24" cant hurt. if you want freestyle, i recommend the 20’’ - duh

or if you want to start to learn street, the 20" is great too.

but of those two you have given us to choose, i recomend you just get one new. not for the sake of it could be broken, but for the fact that if it breaks, you can easily accept the blame, rather than debate weather it is the sender’s fault for mistreating it in its earlier days, or your fault for currently mistreating it.

so just go for a new uni, so you can adapt to it the way you want to, and it isn’t modded or anything.

Hey man I just bought a 24" Torker LX about 4 weeks ago. The price was great from You get what you pay for but if this is your first uni it will be great to learn on and see if you will stick with it. Then you can upgrade when the time comes.

yea you can learn on that, or you can jump the the DX, so you dont have to buy another uni later on, I bet you could get one for around 200 , I saw one for 190, you just have to ask for one, on the trading post.