Should I get these??

I can only see the Youth size on the Nashbar site which are really really small, have they sold out of all the normal sizes?


Im not sure what size i should get :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Im 5’2 and I have pretty long legs… Do you think i should get medium?
(and my legs are a little skinny)

And how do you measure your leg size?? :thinking:

Flexible Ruler. Wrap it around your leg. VOILA! Leg = Measured.

i have a promo code for 661 too
actually, i have 2

i can only remember 1 though
will get you 60% off anything you want.

the nashbar site only has youth size. Those are smaller than S so tiny. The newer 661 4x4’s are real bad, they dont protect as well and they are real weak and tear. I know two people with them and both have torn them to shreds.

the old 661s last much better. And as for sizing go for medium. I have large and should have got xtra large cause they are abit small. But i’m not event that tall.

thats a really good deal

yup :smiley:
I Got them a few days ago and I love them


i agree i use kh. best!

And expensive.

i should get me a pair of those

get the newest ones, they breath a lil better than the older model and they elastic straps are in different spots, making them more comfortable.


I think I might get some of those

i have the kh ones and i like them. they are rather comfortable in the way of protection. that and they work really well.