Should I get these??

These are really cheap, and I reeeeaaaally need better leg protection (im using soccer shingaurds)

Im about 5’2 will these fit?
And why is this website so cheap?

Yes get them. That website is amazing its almost like you didn’t put a link.

wheres the link…hehe

Ohhh lol :smiley: my bad

they are probably cheap because they are the old ones.
if they will fit get them the new ones are just more black.

ya for sure, get those! Very good deal. you will love them

Ok, thanks :smiley:

When my parents get home ill ask

Do you think I will fit Small though? Im 5’2

I would say so. Im 5 ft and ive got a small and ive got some space

Im six foot and got a large but probably could have gotten an extra large. they should have a sizing chart.

here use this chart.

i’d go for the kh ones if i were you, their really nice

im 5’7 and have the larges. I used soccer shin guards up till a month in a half ago, then I got sixsixones!:smiley:

I would, but they are really expencive :frowning:

Should I get that one or this one?

wow 661’s for 20$ is a realy good deal

Ya but whats the difference from the $20 and the $15 ( These ) ones?

Not much, they will protect the same, but the newer ones may keep you a tad bit cooler. I would honestly go with the cheaper ones.

ya i would get them for sure. Very good deal

if you get them from the 661 site and use level 0 you get alot off.