Should I get my spokes tightened when I get my new uni?

I just ordered a kh 20" yesterday. I was wondering if when I get it should I take it to the bike shop near me and have all the spokes checked to make sure they are tight and stuff? Or will the spokes be tight already? Because I don’t want the wheel bending on me when I am on my first ride.

I’ve never heard of this happening before with any kh unis but if you feel the need to then definately take it to the shop. better to be safe than sorry.

I would personally do it myself.

When you get it ride it for a week or so, then squeeze your spokes together, if you can move them alot then you should get them tightened, otherwise no it should be fine.

Yeah I will probably do what ntappin says. Because this is the thing that happened to my lx and i don’t want it to happen to my kh.

Any factory built wheel that is going to be ridden aggressively should be hand tensioned by a good wheel builder at a bike shop or someone who knows what they are doing. Call it wheel insurance. A properly tensioned wheel is stronger. So yes, if I just got a new KH (or any other stock unicycle) I would take it to a trusted wheel builder to get it properly tensioned and stress relieved.