Should i get it?

i just want to ask and make sure that the Torker DX would be a sufficient purchase for me, considering the circumstances in which i will be using it. I recently twisted the axel on my unicycle, because it wasn’t really intented to be used under my circumstances. the area in which i unicycle is pretty rough. Its mostly hard concrete…which is probably how i twisted my axel. Will the Torker DX withstand the cruelest of beatings? or should i buy something more durable?

the torker DX is definitely worth the money, especially if you get a little discount of ebay. it will certainly stand up to a good punishing. ive had mine for about 7 mos, and i havent had any problems so far!

If you’re getting an '07 your frame probably won’t snap… If you’re going to do lot’s of big drops, big jumps ,and the like, I’d go with somthing different…

Go for it.

I agree.

frames dont snap often anyway,
get it NOW!

anyway, its pretty bombproof.
but if you’re buying it now, you’ll get the new one with the the new and improved frame so no worries


hah yea get it…