Should i get a new unicycle?

I got my frst unicycle about a month ago I’ve learn to ride forwards,backwards,can do some idling for about 5mins,starting to learn to ride one footed can go about 3 revolutions,ive currently got this unicycle
do u think i should invest in higher standard of unicycle,i’m thinking about saving for a trials unicycle or should i pratice another few months before getting a new one

MY advice to you is to keep that uni for now, and try it out in all uni styles. Trials, Muni, freestyle, ect… While doing that, save up money.

Once you have saved up enough money to buy a decent uni, youll probably know what style you are the most interested in, and you can then base you decision on that opinion of yours.

Make sure you dont too hard on the uni you have now, so you can keep it in a good condition and not break it trying to find out what style appeals to you best. Also, youl have a good uni to teach other people with.

EDIT: I dont think I got to say this in your first post, so Ill do it here.
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I think you should get a new, for trial and street i say you must have splined. Or it will broke or bend sometime…

Thanks i think i will wait for a while so ill be able to afford a really good unicycle.