Should I get a *NEW* KH MUni, or one of last years?

Yeah, the obvious answer is to get the cool super aluminum new hub one, but it’s more money etc. What are the benifits?

I’ve heard the hub won’t creak, and is stronger (?)
The aluminum frame will drop weight, but how much does that matter? Would I even notice?

What about the bike seatpost adaptor? how strong is the seatpost as a whole? is it stronger than say a standard post?

What about the fusion seat? Is that going to be stronger or more comfortable or anything?

How about the rim? How much better is it?

I’ve been planning on getting the new version, but I don’t know if it would justify the extra expense. I guess I just want somebody to preach the virtues of the new one to me, but if there are any issues with it, I would really like to know. I’m trying to be an informed consumer, because I’m pretty poor, what with not having a job, so I’d like to really know what I’m getting.

Oh yeah, another option is one of the new Onzas that have the new hub. Any info on those?

New Onza

I had the same decision to make, and went for the new24 inch Onza instead. It has the same hub as the new KH, and weighs in (ready to ride) somewhere between the 24 inch KH cross country (lightest) and the 24 inch KH Freeride apparantly.

It is so smooth to ride, I have had a little spoke noise, but nothing from the hub.

It also cost £230 rather than £275 for the old or £325 for the new KH 24 inch.

It also has matt black paint and matt black cranks now, which I think looks better than the original gloss black paint and silver cranks.

Re: Should I get a NEW KH MUni, or one of last years?

Just about everything is better on the new KH

  • Lightweight- less fatigue for jumping/carrying/riding, easier to control
  • Fusion seat- with a removable cover it let’s you modify the seat (eg by cutting down the foam). Also let’s you perform an air-conversion if that’s what you want. And the old KH Seatcovers tend to peel off after a while
  • seatpost- the old one was stupid looking especially if you didn’t have a brake on it. It is also heavier and not adjustable. And it get’s in your way when you’re trying to take the saddle off. Don’t know how it compares strenthwise, the new ones have potential weakspots from having rails, but allows you to adjust the angle.
  • Onza Splined cranks- lighter than the old KH Splined cranks which also have a tendency to bash peoples ankles.
  • The rim- I spoke to someone using KH 29’er rims on his mountainbike- he seems to like it better than his old 29’er rims- he didn’t tell me what they were. You didn’t say which size KH Unicycle you’re getting. If you’re getting the 24", the old KH comes with Alex DX32 rims- it’s pretty good, but the wheel build wasn’t great. My Alex was out of true from the box.
  • you also get noodles with the new KH

If you’re thinking long term- the new KH will need little upgrading, the old KH will take a fair amount of upgrades to make it as good as the new KH. Might cost more in the long run.


So what?
does that really change your riding? :thinking:

Doesn’t change mine, seeing as I don’t do much freestyle or trials. But when I’m in the mood for 1ft stuff- yeah, I’m sure they would be useful- the ones on the old KH just don’t seem to do anything.

Never saw noodles on my KH 24 2004 frame.
as far as I know, the noodles are designed to increase grip on the frame for one foot skills… I still wonder how the “noodle shape” came in Kris mind, as cylinders are not especially known to be grippy shapes…

Coming back to the thread, I agree with GizmoDuck. I bought my KH 24 in october 2004 and am glad with it, but if I had known about the new KH I would have bought it, no matter the price difference.

Another important thing is that old fashionned KH have (or had?)a problem with the axle/hub (my uni is concerned :angry: )

i saw 2 or 3 kh rims busted at toque, on nothing too big.

I didnt even know Onza had new muni frame out

What the hell is a noodle?

The noodles they speak of are little noodly looking cylinders on top of the fork crown for grip when performing 1 foot tricks

How were the rims busted? Did the wheel collapse, taco, or split? Had the wheel ever been properly tensioned?

If you’re going big with a wheel build from a Taiwanese/Chinese factory then you’re going to have problems. The wheel builds from the Taiwanese or Chinese factories can be quite bad. Best thing to do when you get a new KH or similar unicycle is to take that brand new wheel to a good wheel builder and have them properly tension and then stress relieve all of the spokes and make the wheel good. It’ll cost you about $15 or so, but it’s save your wheel. No rim is going to survive long doing big drops if it has a bad wheel build.

Huh, I’m woarried about rims now.
I would probably get it retentioned, maybe even free because i know some seriously cool people. The broken rims were trials rims though, right? I understand there’s a differant rim on the 24" freeride.

I still need more info on the onza, it’s sounding like a good option.

The KH trials rims are totally sweet. if one busts, like a few have, it is a defect, and will be replaced under warrenty. My KH rim held up for over a month and finally the rim broke in the same place as a few other people’s has, when i landed a 9 set handrail really crooked. If the rim breaks, it will be warrentied.

Other than that, its the first stock trials uni i’ve really liked to ride, so go for it.

thanks for that man.

It’s really good to know about the warranty.

The new KH Muni is as good, in some ways better, as the best custom unis from just a few years ago. And for 525 bucks, it’s a bargain.

But for everyone but students, a Muni is not so much what you need, but what you like. Few folks, if any, would ever be held back by a stock, 05, KH 24, but plenty of folks will spend more for reasons totally unrelated to performance. It’s like that with all adventure sports. Be glad you’re sport in Muniing. Imagine if your passion was horseflesh, speedboats or (fill in the blank).