Should I get a 20" or 24" LX

I found a local shop that carries Torker LX for a good price to replace my POS squid. BTW, I learned the squid is trash after 3 days of uni. I’m just getting the hang of it. I can ride about 50ft fairly consistently.

The squid is a 20". I’m not sure if I should get the 20" LX or go for the 24"? I’m 5’8" and about 150lbs. Like I said, I’m just starting out. Thanks for any help.

The 24" is a much more versatile unicycle.

go 20" if you want to do any tricks whatsoever.

get a 24" if this isn’t the case.

Since you’re planning on getting an LX I’d get the 24" as I don’t see how a 20" LX would be any better than a 24" LX…

like pele said 20’’ is better for almost any kind of trick when your 5’ 8’’. 24’’ is just faster to ride on. Most people I know learned on a 20’’ unicycle.

When I was just starting out, I learned on a 20".

In retrospect, I wish my first unicycle had been a 24".

Because you can ride a bit already

I would say go 24. These are much more entertaining to ride around the neighborhood while you are learning basic riding balance. I would even say a 24 is a bit easier to ride, as balance is a little easier at it’s naturally faster riding speed.

I was bored with my small wheels and almost always rode the 24 or 36 for my first few months of riding. Once you can ride a 24 for a few miles, you could get used to a 36 in a day. The 19 is great for tricks, but I didn’t know any !

For the last few weeks I have been riding mostly the 19. I can go backwards on the 24 and 29, but I learned it on the 19. I think it is way easier to have confidence on a smaller wheel, especially going backwards, because it is so close to the ground. I very rarely fall down, and when I do, I am always glad it wasn’t from a greater hight.

So I would say buy a 24 now, or even a 29, if you like to go exploring far.
Then buy a 19 or 20 later, when you want to learn to do trickier stuff.

When in doubt, always remember that the best answer is to buy another unicycle lol .:slight_smile:

Yeah, but I wouldn’t be doing any tricks on a 20" LX if it was my main unicycle. Probably be trashed after a month tops.

Thanks for all the replies. I decided to go with the 24" since I’m not going to be doing tricks for a while. I can’t wait to ride my new uni tomorrow!

BTW, the rim that comes with the squid has no lip whatsoever. I have always had to use a tire spoon to put bike tires on, but the 2 tires i used both easily went onto the rim by hand. I might buy an extra rim and rebuild the squid wheel. It comes with a 3" wide tire, which is pretty cool.

That is assuming that you don’t use it for freestyle, which is what you’re supposed to use it for :wink:

I started on a 20" and I am glad I learened with the 20". Im also more into street, trials and freestyle, so jumping up and down stairs and ledges, gaps, tricks, grabs, and everything were a lot better to learn on the 20". I do enjoy and do lots of muni, which was still fine on a the 20".