Should I buy this used MUni?

An employee at my LBS is selling his MUni. But it’s not entirely MUni. It started as a Avenir (El Cheapo beginner uni) and mutated into a MUni. Ok, here’s the list of components:

Avenir Saddle
Avenir frame
Cheap cotterless steel cranks (152)
Specialized aluminum platform pedals (not sealed)
Lillypop style bearings
Suzue hub
Sun Rim BFR 24 inch black
IRC Kujo DH 2.35 Tire

The whole thing looks to be in great shape. Right now, the tire is as large as you can go for the frame. Lane (the guy selling it) said that it is very solid. He hasn’t had any trouble with any of the parts.

I was thinking about getting a MUni and this looks like the cheapest option. I know you guys aren’t too keen on the lollypop bearings, but ar they really that bad? If they are, is there any way to replace them? How much would that cost?

I was hoping to try some trials also. Nothing hard core, but I don’t want to break the Uni. Please comment on how this setup might hold up.

So, should I get it? Or should I save my money and get a true MUni?
He wants $125 for it.


No, those type of frames use very thin tubing, and it cracks between the dual bolts, causing the wheel not to be seccured in the frame very well. this will happen very rapidly if used as a Muni, and I dont reccomend the purchase. we had the same (basically) frame and it broke in a couple of months, not used as a Muni. The tire is really a quality job though.

no dont buy it.

if you put a 2.3 knob on a steath Torker you would have a better Muni.

Lolly pops are garbage

Re: Should I buy this used MUni?

I vote NO

My beginner uni was an avenier. I paid $90. It lasted four months. The frame, at the attachment point to the bearing holders, tore itself apart. The bolts constantly worked themsleves loose from the cheap bearing holders. The threads even ripped out and I had to repair them with heal-a-coil. I really dont think that it coud survive the abuses of off road travel.

Save your money.

Good luck

No idea about Avenir. Lillypop bearings sound cute. Lollipop bearings, on the other hand are not as bad as some people make out. No problems on my Pashley, although I utilise the circular aspect of the wheel more than some people here seem to.

Don’t buy cheap because it’s available.

Don’t buy expensive to impress others.

If you’re not sure you want it, then you know you don’t want it enough.

A common misconception with lollipop bearings and Pashleys. This is a naming problem. The Pashley bearing is also lollipop shaped, but does not use the same retarded method of attaching the bearings to the frame. Though you can get a little bit of play in the frame sometimes with the Pashleys, it’s nothing serious. Pashley bearings should have a different descriptive name, such as ‘Pashley bearing holders’.

The Taiwanese lollipop, on the other hand, is a great example of bad engineering. It should be used in engineering classes to teach people how not to build things. First of all, you don’t screw flat-headed bolts into round tubing without some kind of washer to give good contact. Second, why only attach them on one side?

The guy from your LBS was lucky to have the cycle hold up for him. Those things can let go anytime, especially if tightened too much. Tom Miller makes spacers you can use on there, to interface between the round tubing and the flat bolt head. This will correct the vast majority of the problem. Brett Bymaster had some made for his Pashley, and he beat the crap out of it for years with no problems.

$125 is not bad for a starter MUni, if you get the spacers to protect your frame from cracking. Then offer him $100 and take it from there. But for best long-term results, save up for something that can fit a bigger tire, and doesn’t use Taiwanese lollipop bearings.

It sounds like it’s got a good wheel. I abused a Suzue/BFR wheel for over a year with no problems besides bending cranks on big drops. I say buy it. If he’d take $100, that would be even better. Ride it until the frame cracks at the bearing holders, then buy a Yuni frame for $44.



buy the yuni frame then keep the old one for a spare

Thanks for the input. If I did choose to buy it, how hard would it be to swap frames? I assume that I would need new bearings right? How hard is it to swap them and how much would they cost?