Should I buy this unicycle?
Should I buy it? This would be my first unicycle. I’ve recently become interested in unicycling, so I looked for a unicycle in my area on Craig’s List. It’s only $20 USD, and it’s an hour’s drive away. Anybody had any experience with this particular unicycle, and has there been anything bad about it? I do have money to get a better one if this kind isn’t very good, but I’m a penny pincher sometimes :smiley: .

all round, I don’t reckon that uni is very good. At all. but for $20, I say go for it! It seems good enough to learn on, though you will probably want a new one later.

My cousin rides a similar uni (with a long bolt in place of one pedal :D), and reckons it’s fine.

Buy it!

Avoid that unicycle at all costs, that seat will destroy you. Just about everything on this unicycle is bad.

I don’t man it has a really cool blue dice on it, that just makes all the difference.

It’s a 20", and for $20 bucks you can’t go wrong. Truthfully once you learn to ride this unicycle, you’ll say this things a piece of crap like the rest of us are saying right now. And then you just move up to whatever, whether it be trials, freestyle, or street. But if you can’t learn how to ride it, then you haven’t wasted too much money as you would if you bought an lx for 100 bucks.

In conclusion, I say buy it.

I change my mind, I read it again and the guy sounds gay.
I’m afraid to fall.
It has really cool blue dice.
I can’t get this ugly savage sticker off.

Just saying.

go ahead and buy it. $20 is not that much, and you can learn how to ride on it, then upgrade when you know if you want to keep at it.

You can easily learn to ride a unicycle with a crappy rim, hub, cranks, petals, frame, tire, etc. But it sucks to learn on something with a crappy seat. I have never ridden a Savage seat but it looks worse than the seat that my learner came with.

If you want you can buy that unicycle and I will send you my old seat which I converted into a air saddle. It is much more comfortable than before I modified it but is still not as comfortable as any of my cut-down KH seats so I can’t see myself ever using it again. You would need to buy a new seatpost but they are about $10, your LBS may be able to order them in if you are lucky, if not, just get one from UDC.

I don’t have a camera but the seat is simmilar to the semcycle saddle

its a P.O.S.

go for it, it won’t last you long once you’ve learnt but if you don’t get that far or you don’t like it you haven’t lost much. Yes it’s a POS, so was my first uni, didn’t stop me. Yes a $100 lx would be better, but it’s more of a risk and it still won’t last that long if you start doing hard riding on it.