Should I buy a new Uni?

Heres the problem I have the 20 inch black norco they sold last year. I got it in early june-late may. The cranks,axles and propably rim is bent. You can tell they’re going to break soon so my question is this should I replace the hub or just save up for a new unicycle? i 99.9% street ride and im not excessivly harsh on a unicycle (6ft drops are my biggest), 6 stairs clears, and 6ft gaps (over hills and stuff) any help would be nice

tee-hee-hee what a funny acronym I made (this is coincidince)

Re: Should I buy a new Uni?

There is something wrong with this sentence. If accurate, it’s not the 99% of your riding you need to worry about, but that last 1% is gonna kill you. Sounds like you need a stronger unicycle. No sense replacing parts in one that’s going to get killed again pretty quick. If it holds up, you can keep the older one for teaching friends, learning tricks, etc.

first off, it wouldnt be 1%, it would be .1%, and second, jeff, uve never done a 6 ft gap, NEVER., and id say maybe 5’6, not 6.