Should I buy a KH?

Hello. I’m new to this forum, but I’m in the market for a new unicycle and am leaning toward the 26 Kris Holm at I was hoping I might be able to get a little advice on the matter.

I can’t help but notice that the KH is about twice as much as the 26 nimbus at I’ve seen both the Holmes and Nimbus at various times in life, and the KH does seem a bit nicer, to my admittedly untrained eye.

Now, I’m a fairly competent rider, but I don’t really know that much about what to really look for in a “quality” unicycle. I spend a lot of time riding – commuting, dog walking, trail riding, etc. – so I feel like spending the extra cash for a nicer ride would certainly be worth it.

I live about 45 minutes from the store in Marietta, so I’m planning to drive over and check them out sometime in the next few weeks. I’d really appreciate any insight/advice as far as what would be some good things to look for going into this purchase.


Hi Luke, welcome to the forum.

As with most things in life, there are cheap things and there are expensive things.
You can buy a cheap car and it may suit your needs for a while, or you can shell out for something a bit nicer and it’ll be a bit more comfortable and it’ll last you a bit longer without breaking down.

This goes for laptops, cameras, shoes, TVs, rubber chickens, stereos, mountain b*kes, central heating systems and pacemakers, not necessarily in that order.

The Nimbus is a great unicycle, I learned on a 24", then threw a knobbly tyre on it and took it off-road.
It’s a strong frame and it’ll take a fair amount of punishment.

But if you REALLY want a good uni that will last you years and still ride well and look nice, then go for the KH.

The answer is yes. The KH unicycle is the best production unicycle out there. If money is an object, then the Nimbus is still good.


I rode a nimbus for 3 years before i could break it, 4.5 foot drop(i’m 210lbs) in the cold broke the spokes and bent the cranks - back when it didn’t have a splined hub. the nimbus can take serious abuse, and was quite comfortable, even back then.

I have a KH24 now, and its nice, but I don’t toss it 40 feet just to show people how tough it is, which is something I was OK doing with the nimbus. The KH won’t do you wrong, but it’ll be a while before you notice the difference. I would challenge you to take the nimbus to the limit before buying a KH. if you can break $300 worth of Muni, then I think you’d be justified in getting a KH, but without knowing the nimbus’s limits, I think you’re wasting an extra $300 on a KH. but like the others, if price is no object…

People that start with good unicycles become good riders. Riding a good unicycle to start with will make you feel good and motivate you alot more then any cheaper unicycle. I say go big. But buy koxx-one ;p

somehow I don’t follow this. I started on a unicycle I won at a raffle for a buck(thanks!) broke it in a few months, bought a nimbus, got to level 5-6 and focused on Muni, and kept going for another year or so before I busted it for a video shoot. now I’ve got a KH, and I’ve still got a ways to go. If you want to get good at car racing, do you go buy an F1 car? no, you get really comfortable exploring the limits of your mazda miata(trust me, I can scare the pants off most people in a miata just as easily as a porsche), then move up to another level, as you can appreciate the limits. If things progress right, you move up, and if you find yourself at a happy place, then you stay there, and get to use your money and time on other things.

Nimbus is quality. It will last as long as the KH, and if you get the Moment cranks it will most likely be as strong as the KH.

The quality of the KH is in the top of the line performance and weight. The KH uni has the best production unicycle frame(s), the best cranks, the best production saddle, and the best muni rims.

Both unicycles are quality, but if you have the money, the KH is worth the extra cash.

It will be worth driving out there to check out both the unicycles. I’ve never been to the store/factory, but it sounds like it would be fun to check out.

Its just my oppinion :slight_smile:

Start with the best gear in unicycling, bmx, skating. It’ll give you the boost you need. Not only are the parts better (lighter), they also feel and look better, which boosts your confidence. :roll_eyes:


Both of them are quality unicycles that should last for years if maintained properly. If you’re really serious about getting into Muni and plan on doing it often, I’d get the KH for the peace of mind that you aren’t being limited by your equipment. If you plan on doing some casual trail riding once or twice a month, then you may as well save your money and buy the Nimbus, if not something cheaper.

I’d say… Try them out and go with your gut.

I’d love to get a KH frame for my 26" wheelset but there’s no way the large Marge rim and Surly Larry tire will fit. :slight_smile:

Free talent

Enough said?

The only way $ can make you a better rider is by making your uni lighter. KH does that, over Nimbus.

Is it important ? Well, how important is talent to you ?, how much money do you have? and are you really riding a lot?

A determined rider who rides a lot on an old heavy half broke Torker Dx, will have tons more talent than a slacker rider who has a KH gathering dust in the closet.

But if you are that guy, who rides a lot, why not give yourself some free talent? Unless you are short on $, in which case, just ride what you have. The lighter KH makes you only 1% better (bs # I made up for conversation).

Still, excellence takes a lot of dedication and practice, time…even money. The money is the easy part in uni . Be glad you are not racing cars. You only have so much time to ride and practice. You will not get more time. Buying a KH over a Nimbus might give you a 1 % edge, because it’s lighter.

It is the only edge you can buy. After that, you spend time.

I don’t think there is any correlation there. A so-so unicycle is better than no unicycle. But the P.O.S. I learned on may not fit that statement. I learned on one of the worst unicycles I’ve ever seen. It may have made me a better rider. I certainly did well in my younger days.

Yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the means, I definitely recommend the KH. But equipment doesn’t make the rider. It helps, but a great athlete will be great regardless of the equipment.

If I were buying a new MUni or Trials unicycle I would go straight to the KH. Light weight, great quality, and as somebody above mentioned, peace of mind. Also a nice confidence boost, like unicycledood said.

Thanks for the advice. This seems like a great forum, and I’m glad to have found it.

I certainly spend more time juggling than unicycling, but even so I ride a few miles pretty much every day, and after commuting on a 20" torker for about a year, i’m pretty eager for an upgrade. It seems like either option would be a pretty big upgrade for me, but i’m really leaning toward the KH, especially since I suspect that having a bigger, better unicycle is only going to increase the amount of time I spend riding!

Thanks again, I’m really chomping at the bit for a new ride now!

Size Matters

Don’t forget to include wheel size in your choice. While 26" seems to be emerging as a great muni size, it may not be the best for commuting.

I went from a 20" Torker to a KH29. I’m happy with the decision to go straight to KH. However, I’ve now got a lower quality 36" that is turning into my preferred uni, mostly for my commute, but also because I just really like the big wheel. I suppose that might indicate that I should have just gone straight to a KH36, but I still think the transition straight from a 20 to a 36 would be a bit much. As for the KH, I love it, and I’m still very happy with it for my (mostly cross-country) muni.

I don’t know about that. Learning on a 25lb 24x1.5" made riding an 11 lb trials cycle with a fat tire sooo much easier. I learned some advanced tricks on that 24, and when I got on the trials, I could do very advanced riding with ease.

About the muni,
If you are on a budget, get the Nimbus with KH cranks. The only difference between this setup and a KH is weight; the Nimbus with KH cranks is almost indestructible. But, if you are not on a budget, definitely buy the KH. You will never need another 26" muni.