Should I Buy a 24" or 26" Muni?

OK, I’m going to get a muni which I will be using for more technical muni. I already have a cheap 29" which I can throw an off rode tyre on for easy, flat off rode trails but I want something a bit smaller and more manouverable.

At first I thought I’d definitely get a 24" as it’s further from a 29" and will just suit my riding better BUT…

Peter Bier is selling his KH 29" on trademe with a custom wheel build for $400 NZ (around $300 US) which is a great deal considering new KH 24 or 29 is over $800 NZ. I personally think KH are overpriced compared to nimbus when a nimbus with moments is just as good other than the frame being a few hundred grams heavier. Although weights not too important in muni that KH is a still a good deal.

So the other option is wait for a second hand 24" muni to pop up on trademe (could take a while as unicycles aren’t often sold) or just buy a new nimbus 24" ISIS, but that wouldn’t be as strong as this KH. I also may know someone who imports muni’s into NZ but he still has replyed to me and I dunno what the quality of his muni’s are.

Anyway what are your thoughts? Should I go for the KH 26" for a cheap price and sacrafice a little manouverability, get a new 24" ISIS muni, or wait for a second hand 24" (could take months and I kinda want it now :P).

O and I’m 181cm and like 60kg if that matters. I haven’t got much experience with muni although it’s definitely something I was to get into as it’s a nice change from street and I live on the port hills in Christchurch, New Zealand so there’s some great tracks near me.

Thanks very much.

O, and if I bought this would anyone trade a 20" KH frame for my 29" KH frame? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite personal questions you’re asking there, so I’ll go for a personal thought :wink:

I’d go with a 26" with KH Moment either in dual 125/150mm or standard 136mm… You’re rather tall and if you want to get some speed, 26" would be better for your size, and completing with longer or dual cranks would compensate leverage for real muni work. Of course, those will need more power from your muscles, and depending on the terrain you intend to ride, 26" might be too fast… Really a personal choice, as I was saying. Everything in the uni-verse is a matter of balance :wink:

Oh, and I don’t think the KH is stronger than the Nimbus ISIS… Lighter maybe, but not stronger !

Wow I can’t believe I missed this thread, I am a big 26er fan

That looks like an awesome deal but the sun double wide is supposedly quite weighty. I had a Alex DX32 rim on mine for years and have recently switched to an Echo 46mm rear trials rim, much wider and only a little heavier. It is considered the strongest drilled 26" rim you can get.

If you have a 29er and want something more maneuverable instead of something similar but tough as nails I would lean more towards a 24.

24" for rolling trials.

26" if you want to do some MUni.

Yeah, my friend bought the 26" in the end. I’ve riden it and it’s pretty nice but the wheel does feel pretty heavy, I s’pose because of the 3" tyre and the double wide rim. The KH/onza cranks seem to have quite a bit of Q factor, not sure if that’s good for muni.

Anyway I’ve decided to get a 24" muni, I’ve riden 26 and 24" and I think 24" will suit my riding much more. I still have my cheap 29" for gentle, flat off rode stuff.

Thanks for the advice anyway.

i just bought a nimbus 24" ISIS, with 165mm cranks, about a month ago and i absolutely love it, its a Muni machine, ive never had so much fun.
hope u enjoy your new ride

In my mind a 26er is really for people who know and enjoy a 26" wheel. I would recomend getting a 24" wheel with a 26" muni frame that way if you decide you want a 26" all you have to do is swap out the rim and tire.

I had the same problem deciding as you did and I listened to the 26" lovers because they presented some great arguments, but in the end a 26 just wasn’t what suited my riding and I’m now building up a 24.

i think a 26" with 165mm crank arms will give you a bigger tire and the longer crank arms will take away a little of the speed and give you a little more control. the only thing is itll be heavier. this is what im looking into rather than a 24 with 150mm crank arms. i just think the extra roll over capabilities will outweigh the extra weight of the 26". anyone have any opinions on this? after all i am still a noob.