:astonished: , Amazing!

boah :astonished:

this treytriple was really clean…so sick man

keep it up;)


Really sick! Your amazing :wink:


wow :astonished: :astonished: amazing flips!!!

Very nice Forrest!

But… Music?

that was sick :astonished:

Wow , it was very clean and nice victory shout too:p.

just amazing
fulloutfakieflip was cool too

Nice man. You have the hardest tricks for both stances down really nice. Makes me wanna learn blind full varialflips.

You’re the freakin’ man.


You’re really awesome. How can you not be sponsored???

Awesome! Loved the ‘YES!’

thanks everyone for your comments, I appreciate all of them.

haha and yes my victory shout was pure joy:)

trying to land that trick was very hard on my body, and it was such a relief to finally roll out of it. my legs are all beat up lol.

nice vid.

trey triple was crazy!! :astonished:

probably see you next club meeting man.:slight_smile:

thanks mike:)

youtube actually looks pretty good. i don’t turn into a bunch of lines as much as i do on vimeo, lol.

LOL, nice:p:p