Shortest Profile Crank

I kinda remember reading somewhere that you can’t get Profile cranks very short, but what are the shortest length you can get?

And I don’t suppose there are any non-profile cranks that can fit on a profile hub, are there?

145 according to UDC.

The shortest length you can buy stock is somewhere between 145mm and 150mm.

You can custom machine the Profile cranks to make them shorter. Greg Moore made a pair of 126mm Profile cranks. Thread about them here. Gallery pictures here.

So it can be done. Requires a machine shop and welding. Will void any warranty.

wouldnt re welding it compromise strength?

Probably, but a shorter crank is stronger than a longer one anyway. I think…should be.

Well I have no skill with machining or anything at all. I just want shorter cranks so I can do freestyle/street on my trials unicycle that has profiles…but I guess to go shorter I would need to get a new hub, which wouldn’t really be worth it.