Shorter cranks on a 26er?

I’m currently running 165mm Moments on my 26" uni.

What would be a good length for cruising around on flat pavement (125, 137, 150mm)? How about the dual hole cranks?

I’d like to get in some distance riding, I’ll probably put on a Hookworm tire also.


I would try 100mm nimbus isis cranks. Long distance Coker riders go around 125mm, so 100 (or maybe less) sounds good.

Agreed. It might take some getting used to, but it’ll be worth it.


I have 125s on my 29" and they’re nice to ride on, so 100s on a 26 would be fine.

I’d advise against going for 100mm. At least for now anyway. A jump from 165 to 100 will be like learning to ride your unicycle all over again.

I’d start with a cheap pair of either 137 or 150. They’ll still take a bit of getting used to, but once you’re comfortable with them you’l lhave more of an idea just how much shorter you want to go.

100 still sounds a bit short to me. Do they do 110’s for ISIS hubs?


150 on a 26" is ridiculous for any kind of distance riding. Go down to at least 125mm; 125mm won’t be hard to adjust to. 100mm or 110mm is probably a better destination if you’re going to do significant distance on a 26".

i have 102mm on my 26 and they work great, I agree that you should put some 137mm or 125mm to get ajusted


i have just orderd some 90mm to put on my 26 then i have just read this and lernt that it is hard so i am in with a challange

Don’t worry, it’s definitely do-able. It’ll take a while for you to fully adjust to it (I had 89mm cranks on my 26er for a while). It’ll teach you how to recover from just about any imbalance. There are lots of practical reasons for you to get used to small cranks for a while.

I vote for 114s as well.

114s on a 29er are great

I’ve got 114s on my Nimbus 29er and while it took a while to get used to, I’m really happy with them. I can manage pretty steep hills and even unpaved roads if it’s not too rough. I would expect almost the same from 100s on a 26er.

With the shorter cranks, you don’t have as much leverage, so the act of balancing becomes more challenging. It’s not insurmountable, though. After a while you learn to spin your legs rather than just crank. Watch out for UPDs in the beginning, though, and protect your wrists.

Good luck!

what sort of speed will i be able to acheve with thes cranks


On my 29er with 114s on a flat smooth paved surface, I can easily hit 12 mph and maybe more. But at that speed, I am really spinning. Sustainable speeds are more in the range of 8 to 10 mph. By the way, I measure my speed with a Garmin GPS so I’m fairly sure it’s accurate. I’ve also rode with my wife while she rides a bike (she rides slowly). I can keep up easily, but if we encounter a downhill I drop way behind and if we encounter an uphill she drops way behind. Makes riding together impractical.

I would think a 26er would be a similar speed to the 29er, maybe 1-2 mph slower.

How do you like the 26er? What kind of riding do you do now?

i got a cheap 26 and i just want acheap way to get some speed im getting a a 36er later this year i also enjoy trials how about you

Well, I never actually clocked my speed when I had that setup. However, from what I’ve seen other people hit on their 26ers as well as the speed increase I’ve seen people achieve from attaching shorter cranks, I’d say you could pack 2 mph on top of your current achievable speed.

However, when you first get these cranks, don’t worry so much about speed. Just worry about staying on top of the uni. You’ll almost feel like you’re pedalling the hub with such a jump in crank size, but stick with it, and you’ll grow a lot as a rider in a short period of time (maintaining balance, leg muscle, recovery from imbalance, etc.).

But who makes 114’s in ISIS? Koxx makes 110’s but you prob wouldn’t want to put them on anything but a Koxx hub.

I vote for puting on some inexpensive 127’s, like Qu-Ax Al. cranks to adjust and see if you want to go shorter.

I have a Koxx hub on my 26" and usually use 140’s, but swapped the 110’s from my street/freestyle to see how it rode. The 140’s feel way to long as soon as you start riding on pavement, but the 110’s are pretty nice for spinning. It wasn’t hard to adjust to the shorter length, and the 110’s still worked well for mild trails as well. If you’re mainly riding on pavement I’d go even shorter, but for all-around semi-flat on/off road riding, something in the 110 range is a nice compromise.


my new 90mm cranks turned up they make a large diffrence top the speed of my 26

Wow, lots of good information!

I’m thinking that I like the Q-Factor of my Moments, so I’m leaning toward the KH 125mm’s.