Shorter Cranks effect still standing?

So im thinking about getting some quax crMo cranks for 20inch trials uni and since they only come in 125s i wonder if it will effect my still standing?

I think it does, but if you want to do still stands then you probally want to do trials; therefore 125s are not for you.

My still stands went from like 7 seconds to 50 seconds when I switched from 125s to 137s.

I’m complete rubbish at standstills, but I like longer cranks in general. The quax cranks, that are isis come in 145, well they are made, that is what I ride. If you can’t get them in 145, I would say get moment 137’s, 125’s suck for trials. I got so much better when I switched to a proper trials setup, I rode a dx.

i use 125’s for trials. I am an epic fail at still stands.

How do you do long stilstands? I still can’t. :angry:

Learning stillstands is a long process, eventually it will sort of click though. The way I learned was by trying to stillstand on a rail, simply because you can tell where to put your weight more easily. It takes practice and there is no good way or bad way to learn, just keep trying to stand still.

Who cares anyways, 125’s rock.
Standstill are probably the lamest trick next to one foot pedaling.

Both one footed and standstills are not only awesome, but two of the best skills to practice if you want to increase your balance and overall riding ability.

Keep your (false) negative opinions to yourself.

and one foot stillstands are the shit, you forgot that one. Stillstands are basically perfect body + vehicle control and balance.

basically practise. The easiest way is to never bounce around when you ride, but always try and hold each and every stop for a second or two before hoppping again, means you’re always pracising it but without the tedium of just working on the one trick. Stillstands are immensley useful for all types of riding, even distance, so getting atleast a few seconds is well worthwhile.

thanks guys for the comments. but i dont like the whole attitude SHAY CAM. i agree with agent Q. anyways ya its not that i need to learn them cuz i can still stand(not very long but improving) just wanted to know about it.

Doesnt matter if its hard or not, I think (my opinion) that standing there, is stupid. Especially in videos, all you do is stand.

It shows style and skill… not to mention improves most everythin in your riding… enough said.

And do you feel as much acomlishment when you stand still vs landing a treyflip down a 5 set? Didnt think so. My opinion is that standstills are lame to watch, lame to do, and are overall a lame trick. Unless done on a rail or something highup or skinny. Otherwise boring and unsatifying.

And yet they make it easier to do that treyflip down the 5… you’ll know how to maintain balance after the landing better, and you’ll do it more smoothly and more consistently. :roll_eyes:

Do you even ride trials? Stand stills are a trials skill. I don’t get what you’re trying to accomplish coming in this thread that is a question about trials from a trials rider and you spamming, “125s are better cause they’re street and that’s what I do. Trials and freestyle tricks are lame.”

His question wasn’t asking your opinion on what genre of unicycling is better and what is/isn’t cool in your eyes.

Anyways, I think you should get a crank size 137+. Moments are extremely strong and good for trials.

I cant even land a trey flip yet, but i can stand still, and i dont think its anything too great :stuck_out_tongue:

Others might not think so, but all i was trying to do was encourage the use of 125mm cranks. Thats it.

I don’t think shorter cranks (to a point) effect stillstands that much. I can stillstand for just as long or longer on a flatlandish freestyle uni setup with 114mms as I can on a KH with 137mms.

Even on a freestyle with 89mms I can standstill pretty decently. Standstills are all about the side-side action, but shorter cranks only effect torque on front-back corrections negatively, and they should be pretty basic to a decent uni rider.

In a trials related thread.

Should I recommend 145s to freestylists because I like them?

Sure. I’m pretty big on freestyle but I own 3 pairs of 150mm cranks.