Shortening Frame Necks

Could i cut the frame neck a litte bit shorter to make it fit better?

i asked this before and yes
you just have to keep a notch in the neck so the seat clamp works

At a pinch you can do this with a hacksaw and a drill, although if you have access to metal work gear you’ll be able to do a nicer jo

I’ve done it in a hurry by hacksawing off the existing top (including the key hole gap to allow the clamp to tighten). You then drill a new hole about 3 cm from the top and cut two lines down using a hack saw to form a new key hole.

This is all a lot easier if you have a vice to hold the frame in while working on it. The other useful thing is to use a hole punch or similar to create a tiny gro0ve for the drill bit to sit in, so that it doesn’t skitter around on the curved surface when you are trying to drill the hole that forms the bottom of the key hole.